Rhythm & Waves – Rhythm & Waves at Cova Santa

    Rhythm & Waves

    When it comes to clubbing spaces in which to enjoy the finest DJs from
    around the word, Ibiza is blessed with more than its fair share. From
    the iconic clubs that have hosted memorable parties for over three
    decades to some unlikely spots that deliver a unique environment in
    which to celebrate electronic music. One such venue is Cova Santa,
    located in the hills surrounding San Jose and boasting a breathtaking
    view that was once shared by pirates. Dating back to the 15th century,
    not only does it offer something special for the music lovers that visit
    the island but you can’t help embrace the historical energy that flows
    through the venue. It has witnessed some amazing club parties in the
    past but this summer it is ready for Rhythm & Waves – a
    collaboration between super club Amnesia and Together, the London based
    party that occupies its Tuesday night spot.

    The Thursday party kicks off in spectacular style on July 7 when hackney
    quartet Rudimental brings its celebrated live show to Cova Santa. With
    multiple chart topping success and accolades already secured, Rudimental
    has become an integral part of recent Ibiza summers, delivering spine
    tingling, roof raising performances in Amnesia on Tuesday night for
    Together. One of the finest live acts on the global scene, Rudimental
    promises to be a fitting beginning of one of the most talked about
    events of Ibiza 2016. Thursday July 14 sees the second Rhythm &
    Waves event and another popular live performer in Tinie Tempah. With
    seven number one chart topping huts to his name and countless other
    awards, he will be joined by Katy B, a fellow chart topper that sees the
    duo reunite for another massive date.

    The final party, on Thursday July 21 maintains the philosophy of booking
    talented live performers that regularly deliver white knuckle
    performances of musical genius, this time the responsibility falls on
    Chase & Status, Together residents in Amnesia and Slaves, the
    English punk band that made a huge impression on Ibiza last summer. It’s
    a new live concept for the clubbing capital and one that promises a
    floor shaking, roof raising electric atmosphere in one of the island’s
    best venues outside of its recognised clubs and one that is set to make
    a huge impact on Ibiza 2016.