Reverse – Reverse at Privilege


    Taking up residency every Wednesday in Privilege, Reverse introduces the
    blue alien with the big white glasses to the island of Ibiza. Rebbie and
    the reverse crew have made quite a name for themselves on the mainland in
    recent years, filling venues and winning an army of fans along the way.
    Ibiza 2014 sees the celebrated Spanish party takeover the Vista Club and
    Vista Blue rooms of Privilege, bringing with it a host of electronic dance
    music talent with it – Vitalic, Umek, Uner and Technasia are just some of
    the talented spinners that you can catch as Reverse. Hailing from
    ‘Thereverseworld’, Rebbie, the alien, assured the Privilege owners that
    Wednesday night in the club would be a place where out of this world
    things happened; with regular unidentified objects appearing to make sure
    the Ibiza crowd has the best party ever.