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    Mondo Loco Eden Saturday

    Taking on Saturday night in any of Ibiza’s clubs is a huge undertaking
    but Mondo Loco is more than happy with the challenge. Eden’s Saturday is
    primarily aimed at the Spanish market, appealing to locals and tourists
    alike although it does attract a healthy mix of international tourists

    Mr Bosco is the main resident and someone that has an acute understanding
    of what Saturday night means on the island. The party emphasis is on fun
    so if you take yourself too seriously on a night out, maybe this one is
    not for you. Forget looking in every mirror you pass, let your hair down
    and get involved as Mr Bosco takes you on the party ride of a lifetime.

    For those that prefer their clubbing soundtrack on a classic tip, look no
    further than celebrated classics brand Retro, which occupies the second
    room. Relive some of the club classics that defined the previous
    generation or if you haven’t heard them before, see what all the fuss was
    about as Retro deliver a soundtrack steeped in nostalgia.