Luciano – Luciano at Ushuaia


    Luciano and his Vagabundos are on the move yet again; the nomads never
    like to stay too long on the one place. Fans if Ushuaia need not worry,
    however, they are only moving from Thursday to Tuesday night in the
    outdoor arena. The talented DJ has been synonymous with the Ushuaia party
    in it’s humble beginnings further down Bossa beach and was one of the
    first to sign up to the new concept when it opened. He is omnipresent at
    the opening and closing parties every year and his residency has been one
    of the pillars on which the phenomenal success has been built. For those
    that like their music on a techy tip, Tuesday is the one to look out for
    as Luciano returns with a host of talented DJs and producers.

    C / Playa den Bossa 10;Ibiza

    t: +34 971 39 67 10