Life in Color – Life in Color at Privilege

    Life In Color’s Big Bang world tour reaches Ibiza, where it will take up
    residency in Privilege on Wednesday June night. The biggest paint party
    in the world coming to the world’s biggest club makes perfect sense and
    with the promise of adding a splash of colour to the Ibiza as well as
    many of the biggest names in EDM to its line up, the potential for
    unbridled fun is limitless! Life In Color is one of few American party
    brands to have held a residency in Ibiza, and it intends to make a
    splash, turning the huge venue into a world of colour, promising to
    deliver more paint cannons, aerialists and circus performers than the
    island has ever seen! With a reputation for delivering monster
    productions for its outdoor events across the US and the rest of the
    world, Life In Color intends to take advantage of the unique space that
    is the Privilege main room.