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    Judgement Sundays Ibiza 2013

    Sunday in San Antonio and it has to be Eden for Judgement Sundays. For as
    long as we can remember it has been one of the busiest nights on the
    island, home to Judge Jules, who hosts every weekend, joined by many of
    the finest exponents of trance and house from around the world.

    Ibiza 2011 sees the brand return with yet another stellar line-up that
    ensures more roadblock shenanigans this summer! Last year Judge Jules was
    joined in the launch party by Richard Durand, Radio 1’s Kutski and Vicky
    Devine in the main room, while Example & DJ Wire, Micky Slim, Tristan
    D and Alex Ellenger occupy room 2 for the Judgement Soundsystem. Watch
    this space to see who is featuring for 2011.

    Judge Jules last year was joined throughout the season by the likes of
    Eddie Halliwell, Cosmic Gate, Marco V and Simon Patterson, to name only a
    few and the Music Box were occupying the third room featuring the likes of
    Lee John, Dean Dirty Rotten DJ and Dale Hooks, and many more.

    Judgement Sundays is a high octane, fast paced adventure in the hands of
    some of the finest spinners around, if you like your entertainment
    adrenalin driven, look no further!