Judgement – Judgement at Eden


Judge Jules returns to Friday night in Eden for another season of
monster tunes and driving basslines in the heart if San Antonio. Glitzed
up to tickle the imagination, Judgement delivers a night of house,
progressive, electro, and trance within a prismatic UV display of visual
indulgence. With one of the longest residencies on the island�and indeed
of most DJs around�Judge Jules comes back stronger than ever with an
unprecedented super lineup and transformed look. For those that like
something a little different from their night out, this UV party
promises to be a big one.

Often single-handedly responsible for getting an entire generation
hooked on dance music, from house to trance, Judge Jules has remained an
authority in the industry and on multiple levels, too. He’s been getting
the party started and carrying it on for close to three decades now. In
the second half of the 90s, for those of us who were already partying,
known as the ‘Weekend Warm-up’, his Radio 1 show accompanied every
pre-party. Spending the summer season in Ibiza, Judge Jules has had his
Judgement night running for sixteen years now, enjoying huge success on
a Sunday before moving to its new Friday night slot. Testament to his
passion for what he does, he is as relevant to todays clubber as he was
in the nineties!