Ibiza Rocks 2011 – Doorly Interview – Ibiza Rocks

    60 seconds With Doorly

    Doorly is one of the most exciting DJs and producers around at the moment,
    his star is very much in the ascendency and it’s not hanging around. Much
    in demand around the world, he has an annual battle with his management
    team to allow him to return to his beloved residency for Ibiza Rocks.

    How does Mallorca compare to Ibiza Rocks?

    Ibiza is the place you come to club and these people are festival goers,
    they take drugs and they know about music, Mallorca has a bit of that but
    for the most part they don’t go out to festivals, they work in a factory
    all year and they come out on holiday and come to this party, which is the
    biggest party of the summer and possible the biggest moment of their year.
    So the atmosphere is mental but it’s like a different kind of hands in the
    air chanting like whoop, there it is�, which we got last night. It’s a
    bigger venue in Mallorca too, there’s an extra thousand do it’s better for
    your ego when their chanting your name. They do chant here in Ibiza but
    it’s different and I think we get a way with a bit more musically here
    because they are a bit more tuned into what we’re doing.

    As a resident are you acutely aware of the specific guests that are
    playing each party and do you tailor your set accordingly?

    As a resident and host I have to make sure that the acts are happy, I
    wouldn’t go on and play drum & bass before Friendly Fires because it
    wouldn’t work for them. I can go away at the weekend and play a festival
    in America and play whatever I want but here is my little baby, I’m not
    here to upstage anyone, I’m here to compliment the acts and I try to do
    that as much as I can. Tonight I played pretty much all house music, a bit
    more jump up, I followed on from where T.E.E.D. left it, who smashed it,
    and basically got it ready for Norman. Next week I’ll be playing between
    Metronomy and Friendly Fires so I’ll be playing along the italo indie set.
    I really enjoy that versatility where I’m not playing the same set every

    Are you involved in the decision on guests to book?

    I’m always involved in the meetings, more so the last couple of years than
    this year, because I’m so busy this year and they know what their doing. I
    was really involved in Reclaim The Dancefloor but we’re not doing that
    this year. I’m obviously there with an opinion but Shane is the most
    musically informed people ever so he knows what he’s doing. It’s actually
    nice comeing with no responsibility other than DJing, I run several nights
    around the world and make the booking decisions then come up with all the
    excuses when tickets don’t sell but with Ibiza Rocks I love turning up and
    playing and having none of that responsibility.

    There’s a real feeling of family amongst everyone involved in Ibiza Rocks,
    how did you become a member of the family?

    Yes there is, Andy McKay is the top of the pyramid and he’s that kind of
    guy. The reason that I got involved is that I came in to do a one off set
    and I said to him when I met him, why is nobody introducing the band, the
    music fades out and then they come on and it’s a bit awkward, why is the
    DJ playing horrible tear ups in between the bands and he was like, good
    point, why don’t you stay for the summer and do it.

    As your profile increases, how difficult is it to maintain your Ibiza
    Rocks residency throughout the summer?

    I’ve been here since the year after it started and I still fight to be
    here every summer, not something that really makes my management happy but
    I want to be here every week, I’m happy to take less money, I want this to
    be my home in the summer, I love working with everyone that works for this
    brand. Everything works and it’s nice to be a part of it and I’ll always
    be a part of it. I’ll only miss one show of this summer because it’s in
    the middle of an American tour, next year is a year away and who knows
    what will happen there but I will fight to be here every week for the rest
    of my life!

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