Ibiza Rocks 2017 – Book Tickets

    Ibiza Rocks raised more than a few eyebrows when they declared their
    intention of bringing live bands to a purpose built stage in a hotel in
    San Antonio. Six years later it seems like the most logical thing to
    have done, it has opened up Ibiza to a new breed of music lovers and has
    delivered some seminal Ibiza moments along the way.

    Many of the finest live acts from across the world have enjoyed the
    unique atmosphere that comes from a stage surrounded on all sides by
    balconies inhabited by screaming fans, not to mention the couple of
    thousand that are in front of them. Notable performances include the
    Prodigy, Pete Doherty and The Kooks but there are really far too many to
    mention. Live music is thriving on the clubbing capital and the nesayers
    only need to wander down to the Ibiza Rocks Hotel on a Wednesday night
    for proof but you better get there early!