I Want My MTV – Layo & Bushwacka Interview – I Want My MTV Amnesia

Layo & Bushwacka! are no strangers to Ibiza, they have been regular
visitors, playing at many of the top parties. @01 sees them take on a
residency in Amnesia on a Friday night for ‘I Want My MTV’. Essential
Ibiza caught up with them to find out how their preparations are coming

What are you most looking forward to from your I Want My MTV residency
this summer

Having a weekly spot in the best club (for us) in the world and getting to
see amazing live acts as well as take ‘Shake It’ to the island and playing
our sound with such great guests. It is very exciting.

How did the hook up come about?

Amnesia and MTV had already decided on the Terrace and had a full concept
but were working out what to do in the main room, Mar T was very keen on
something cutting edge in there, more underground. It was discussed with
our manager Ben Turner, who was working on all the creative side of the
night, it began as a conversation but then everyone agreed it would be a
great idea, we would be residents along with Mar T and then we programmed
the guests.

Were you surprised when they asked you?

Yes. When we first heard about it, it seemed like a shot in the dark and
we felt quite sure that someone else would end up in there, but as time
went on it became a reality and we have worked super hard to program a
great line up and give one hundred percent into turning this into a
fantastic experience for everybody. It is wonderful to be involved.

What can we expect from your room?

Well both ourselves and Mar-T are massive lovers of cool dance music and
we feel that with our sound being brought to the club on a weekly basis we
can build a reputation for making a very special party and keep the energy
up all night long. We have super talented DJ’s and producers guesting with
us and the line ups compliment the sound of the live acts and alternative
musical styles being played in the Amnesia terrace, so we feel that the
crowd will have the best of both worlds all in one night. We are also
working on a new album with some special new productions to play in our
room with Amnesia in mind from our previous experiences at the club.

MTV are bringing some of the world’s biggest pop stars to perform at their
party, how will this sit with the Ibiza club crowd?

I think that to be able to go out on a Friday night in Ibiza to such a
fantastic space, get to hear such heavyweight acts and also to still have
the full on clubbing experience is going to be a massive appeal to
clubbers in Ibiza. There is nowhere else in the world that you can do this
on a regular basis – most live shows just have a warm up act or DJ and
then close the show, and at festivals it is possible to fit both options
in, but in a superclub like Amnesia with such amazing sound, visuals,
production, and in Ibiza – its incredible.

Which of the artists that will be appearing are you looking forward to

Of course – Snoop Dog! Plastikman Live. Primal Scream and Duran Duran are
personal favourites.

Do you have a pop music guilty pleasure?

Mmmm, this is difficult; we’ll ruin all our credibility! I definitely like
Elvis, my wife Beia loves Abba, Bushwacka keeps his very quiet.

What is it about Ibiza that makes her so special?

So many things together, the natural beauty, the geography, the culture of
the island and the mix of worldwide cultures that meet there, the clubs,
the feeling of the place, from a walk in Dalt Villa to sunset at a beach,
it’s very magical. An endless list…

Does Ibiza still play a role in breaking a new tune?

I think it does. Because Ibiza has the cream of the worlds DJs playing
there in the best clubs every night over the summer and the competition is
so high – everyone is trying to do their best to impress and break new
ground and DJs save and drop their freshest and best tunes there – so the
crowd pick up on what’s really rocking and new music gets christened and
broken in there. For sure I have got to the middle of the summer in
previous seasons thinking, �what is that AMAZING tune I keep hearing!�

How important is Ibiza to the building of a global club brand?

Hugely. That is why the biggest DJ’s in the world are all so keen to have
their own night. The whole clubbing world pass through Ibiza, it has
become very definitive.

Describe your first Ibiza experience?

Matt – I was just 17 years old. I was given a ticket to Ibiza the night
before, knowing nothing about it and told to bring my records. I played in
1989 at Amnesia with Alfredo, Alex P and Paul Anderson. The club had no
roof on it. It was incredible. The next day the owner (or manager) spoke
to the people I played for and offered me a residency. I tuned it down,
needing to stay in London (or so I thought) at the tender age of 17. And
all these years later here we are again at the club – living the dream.
Wonderful first Ibiza experience for me. Layo – This sounds crazy now, I
was going to go in 1989 but I was so London and into warehouses acid house
that I thought it must be over already, or not cool enough!! I went
instead to Thailand for 6 months… so it took another 10 years! It’s
amazing how much you think you know at 17! Anyhow I got there, straight
from a festival and played the old terrace at Space and was just blown

Away from the club how do you relax on the island?

Beaches. Restaurants in the middle of nowhere. Books in the shade. Days
with friends�

What is your favourite beach?

Matt – I love Salinas/Sa Trinxa. I usually stay at my friends’ hotel on
the beach ‘Boutique Hostal’, which is now in its third season and is
wonderful and the perfect location. I love the fact the beach is so long,
and the vibe and crowd change from end to end. I love going to have a
juice with John Sa Trinxa on Monday or Wednesday afternoons while he is
spinning, dive off the wooden walkway in front of the restaurant, get a
massage, walk further up over the rocks to the little coves, and just
people watch. Layo – Salinas. Cala Jondal. Benniras. Going to Formenterra.
Out of season Agua Blancas. Cala d’Hort.

What are you listening too chilling on the beach?

Layo – Dangermouse & Daniele Luppi – ‘Rome’ (oki-ni mixes), James
Blake – ‘James Blake’, Late Night Tales – ‘At The Movies’, Broken Bells –
‘Broken Bells’ and Dr John – ‘Gris Gris’

You’ve got a night off, where do you head for food?

Layo : Can Alfredo. El Chrinigito. Balafia. Argentinian near roundabout
(never can remember name, on a street corner!). Macao (Santa Gertrudis)…

Name three essential items needed to survive your Ibiza trip?

Matt : Money. It’s not cheap if you want to enjoy your time there and eat
well. But it’s worth it. A car. Unless you are not planning on going
anywhere, it is always a good idea to rent a car, try to get a taxi to
take you to your villa up a bumpy road in the dark and he will probably
refuse to go there, and try getting one to find it in the first place! ID.
Police roadblocks everywhere, especially outside clubs now. And some clubs
insist on ID if you are on any guest lists.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen/experienced on the island?

Matt – I have too many stories. Here is just one. Years ago I was standing
about two minutes walk from Pacha on a weekday lunchtime with my friend.
Some hippy guy came up to us, mumbled something, jumped up in the air,
landed and his trousers fell down round his ankles. He (I think) attempted
to cast some kind of magic spell on us, pulled his trousers up and walked
off. We were like �did that really happen?�