I Am Hardwell – I Am Hardwell at Ushuaia

Tuesday in Ushuaia sees Hardwell, the world’s number one DJ (according
to DJ mag Poll) hold court with his weekly assault on Ibiza. Hardwell
has a massive fan base with millions of followers online and as many ion
person, he delivers sold out performances wherever he plays. And with
the I Am Hardwell currently circumnavigating the globe, his popularity
is only set to increase. To have topped your chosen profession by the
age of 25 is somewhat of an achievement, to have the drive and
determination to maintain and improve is something different altogether.
Hardwell is driven, focused and breathes dance music, making sure every
fan that come to his gigs has the best night ever. He also handles his
only social media, talking to his millions of fans around the world.
Tuesday in Ushuaia has offered a home away from home for the talented