Hed Kandi – Laura Fowels Interview – Hed Kandi Es Paradis

Saxophonist the Lovely Laura is a stunning addition to every Hed Kandi
party she graces; her musical talent is exceptional and the ability to
drop in and out of tracks effortlessly makes her a very popular member of
the Hed Kandi team. Essential Ibiza caught up with her to get her plans
for Ibiza 2011

You’ve played across the globe for Hed Kandi, what makes Ibiza so special?

I feel our Ibiza gigs are so special because the island attracts
absolutely everyone from all over the globe. You have this great mixture
of people and cultures all in one room, all in holiday mode from a day on
the beach and all with one thing in common – to enjoy the best party and
have the best night possible! When you have a crowd like that in front of
you, there really is nothing better.

Ibiza is famous for delivering goose bump, hair-raising moments; what’s
the best thing you’ve seen/ experienced in Ibiza?

This one is tricky. There are obviously numerous hair-raising moments, but
I’m going to opt for a live performance I saw two years ago from the MAW
vocalist India for a Soul Heaven night at El Divino. Her voice and stage
presence was so powerful and moving that I successfully bawled my eyes out
throughout the whole performance! Rarely am I moved so much, especially
with full eye make-up on! It was a truly amazing, memorable moment.

When you’re not playing, do you like to check out other parties?

Most definitely! Although I have to admit when I get a night off from
playing, I’m the first one in the queue for a take out and a night in
chilling! I’m a soulful girl myself so I’m more attracted to nights like
Defected, Soul Heaven and Purple Music, purely as I know I will love the
music and want to dance all night.

What’s your favourite Ibiza restaurant?

The Fish Shack, Talamanca, it’s the perfect informal place for a table on
the rugged rocks, eating fresh fish caught that day´┐Ż bliss. For a more
dressed up affair with a bigger price tag, Atzaro near Sant Juan,
beautiful food in a truly stunning setting with excellent service.

Which beach do you like to relax and unwind on?

You are spoilt for choice here with some stunning little coves tucked
away, but for me I would choose Cala Vadella as it’s near where I live.

What are you listening to while you sunbathe?

I’m going to be a little biased now towards Hed Kandi, and their 2006
Beach House album (no 60). There are some classic tracks on this album,
that for me sum up a beautiful summers day on the beach. An album well
worth it’s sunbathing money!

What advice would you give an Ibiza virgin looking to get the most from
his/her experience?

Pace yourself! Don’t overdo the partying so much so that you miss out on a
suntan. Also, hire a car and explore the island, it really is beautiful
and needs to be discovered.

What are you three must have items for surviving a trip to Ibiza?

1. Suntan lotion 2. Bikini 3. Earplugs (for that well needed sleep when
kids are screaming in the pool below your balcony´┐Żaaaargh!)