Glitterbox Ibiza – Glitterbox Ibiza at Hi Ibiza

    Glitterbox Ibiza

    Glitterbox, the Bastian of house and disco on the clubbing capital will
    occupy the Friday night slot in the weekly schedule of brand new
    superclub H� IBIZA. No stranger to packing an Ibiza dancefloor,
    Glitterbox offers its loyal following a blend of pioneering talent and
    the hottest new artists just one condition; an ability to rock the
    discoteque. Having produced countless Ibiza moments as it moves into its
    fourth season on the island, including last summer, when crowds
    witnessed the Queen of house Barbara Tucker jamming with Master At Work
    Louie Vega, as well as standout performances from Basement Jaxx, Todd
    Terry, Dimitri From Paris and Horse Meat Disco to name only a few.

    Friday night in H� IBIZA is the new home for quality house and disco on
    the island, where the new venue, which has been designed specifically
    with the dancer in mind to maximise the clubbing experience, will
    showcase some breathtaking new sound and light technology. Glitterbox
    supremo Simon Dunmore, is understandably excited about the potential;
    �Every Friday you can expect an event with an extrovert personality – an
    extravaganza! A party that screams��good times�.�It’s where people come
    together to celebrate�incredible dance music from across the decades,
    provided by DJs that know how to rock the discotheque. It’s�flamboyant,
    spiritual and hedonistic. The�ultimate dancefloor escape. We chose H�
    for Glitterbox’s Ibiza residency because it is an
    incredible�proposition.�It’s the new hot spot on the island.�The people
    involved totally believe in the Glitterbox concept, which is still
    unique to the�island�.