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    Garlands Sankeys Monday

    Garlands is one of those UK brands that have been coming to Ibiza for
    years, delivering high energy, fun parties in various guises to an
    ever-increasing army of followers. They have achieved great success in
    their homeland and look set to translate this to the white isle when
    they return in 2012 to take over the responsibilities of Monday night in

    Summer 2012 will see Liverpool lunatics Garlands becoming part of the
    Sankeys family. This will not be a branded event, as per their previous
    Ibiza seasons, it will be a full blown ‘Garlands Spectacular’ with the
    club’s patented brand of DJs and entertainers contributing to the
    Garlands/Bedlam mayhem and madness. The club has selected Sankeys simply
    because it is the islands’ closest venue in size and scope to Garlands’
    Liverpool nerve centre and also crucially has the hallmarks of the true
    nature of Ibiza at heart. It’s a club built on the heritage of acid house,
    and is the perfect environ for Garlands to bring their own brand of
    madness to the island, and will be gracing the club during the peak
    season, on Mondays from July 16 to August 20.

    All events will feature impromptu DJ sets from star names as well as the
    Liverpool resident roster Dave Booth, Les Calvert & Lil’ Jon. But the
    one constant ingredient will be the spice that gifts garlands its unique
    appeal. These aren’t events focused on superstar egos and the modern
    clubbing environment in Ibiza, for all their value. This is instead about
    a period in time where enjoyment was everything, where flamboyance and
    outlandish entertainment were the norm, a component of Ibiza that has been
    there for thousands of years.