FMIF – FMIF at Pacha

David and Cathy Guetta are quite possibly Pacha’s most well known
residents, unparalleled commercial success around the globe means that
their Thursday night party is one of the most popular on the island.
Musically it sits more in the commercial zone, due mainly to the
popularity of the main protagonist but there are several high profile
guests throughout the season who challenge the commercial parameters,
adding to the drama of the Thursday night. Guetta has directly
influenced a musical genre, remixing some of the biggest stars on the
planet, resulting in numerous number one hits. Sometimes the Thursday
can resemble a giant karaoke as his loyal followers sing along to some
of the anthems he drops. The atmosphere is amazing but the need to be
organized has never been more relevant for another party as this party
will sell out. Look out for some international superstars joining the
Frenchman in the booth.