Fiesta Del Agua – Book Tickets

    Fiesta Del Agua in Es Paradis is possibly the most famous water party on
    the island. Es Paradis is a stunning venue in the heart of San Antonio,
    think multi levelled indoor garden that oozes decadence. The thumping
    soundtrack gives way to ‘Singing In The Rain’ as a huge fountain with a
    central geyser delivers 80,000 litres of water into the club, turning
    the dancefloor and surrounding levels into an enormous pool.

    Summer 2013 saw Fiesta Del Agua offer clubbers two opportunities a week
    to enjoy the unique experience that the water party provides. Resident
    Steve Valverde delivered the perfect soundtrack and Es Paradis the
    perfect venue. The party carries on as a normal affair until 5am when
    the venue is filled with water, turning it into an aqua wonderland! Our
    tip would be not to wear your favourite designer piece to this party as
    worrying about its well being will only stand in the way of you fully
    appreciating the beauty of this unique party. Ibiza 2014 promises to be
    another wet and wild one!