ENTER. – ENTER. at Space

Thursday night in Space Ibiza is all about ENTER., the unique clubbing
concept from Richie Hawtin that combines music, sake, technology and
experience. The black dot has become an iconic clubbing symbol, worn
proudly by the tribe that follows Richie Hawtin into Space every
Thursday throughout the summer season, where he is joined by some of the
world’s most innovative DJs and artists, delivering a musical journey to
a partisan crowd. ENTER.SAKE offers an early evening warm up as some of
the headliners drop in early and give fans a treat, kicking off the
party with a day into night set. ENTER.SAKE also offers the chance to
sample one of the famous techno leaders favourite tipples. ENTER. is one
of the island’s most popular parties and offers a unique clubbing vibe,
some amazing music and more than a few surprises to engage all the