Departures – Departures at Ushuaia


    2013 saw Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso combine to maintain a presence in
    Ushuaia after the final SHM had delivered one of the biggest parties of
    the previous season. For those that wondered what the new concept would
    bring, they were answered halfway into the first party of the new regime.
    It was just as busy, the tunes were every bit as euphoric and the crowd
    lapped it up, sang along where they could and generally acted as if
    nothing had happened. Departures enjoyed huge success and promise to do
    much of the same in 2014, as the deadly duo returns with another batch of
    talented guests to fill the summer residency. For those that love their
    dance music on an anthemic tip, with loads of explosions, lighting effects
    and the odd bit of confetti, this is one for you. Massive Wednesday night
    party and one that should be prepared for in advance, make sure you buy
    your ticket online from Essential before you leave for the airport!