Defected In The House – Defected In The House at Booom

    Defected Records has been at the heart of numerous roadblock parties
    over the course of the last decade and a half, from the intimate get
    together in the basement of the sushi restaurant in Shoreditch to the
    100 Club in Oxford street and the beaches on Miami, Defected In The
    House has never had a problem filling a venue, in fact, in most cases,
    the venue is never usually big enough. Planning its opening party on
    Tuesday May 20, when most of the tourists have still to land on the
    island took some people by surprise but it was no major shock to us when
    we rounded the bend in Ibiza Marina to see a massive crowd waiting
    outside for the doors to open. Defected was one of the success stories
    of Booom Ibiza’s debut season and with a move along the weekly schedule
    to Tuesday nights and a season line up that reads like a who’s who of
    the house scene, it promises to build on the amazing start it had to its
    Booom Ibiza collaboration.