Cream – 60 Seconds With Mo Chaudry – Cream Amnesia

    60 seconds With Mo Chaudry

    Mo Chaudry is one of the invisible army of Ibiza residents that work
    tirelessly to ensure that you get the most from your Ibiza experience.
    One of his charges is looking after Cream Ibiza; Essential Ibiza caught
    up with Mo to get the lowdown on living and working in the clubbing
    capital of the world.

    What is you role with Cream Ibiza?

    Ibiza manager

    What made you decide to live on the island?

    My first week in 1998 and met my French partner Sandy during that
    summer, for us Ibiza was the obvious and neutral choice!

    What’s the best thing about living on Ibiza?

    It beats a rainy night in Blighty! For me it’s not just this or that but
    the overall calm and relaxed feel of the island plus its cosmopolitism.

    What’s your favourite restaurant and why?

    Depends on the mood of what you want to eat. Cardamom Club, Casa
    Colonial, Little India in San Bay, Can Pujol, David’s Pizzeria, Sushi
    Point or Cafe Sydney. The island is full of fantastic choice of
    restaurants, big and small.

    Where’s the best place to grab lunch on the beach?

    Without doubt Sa Calleta! Arroz a la Banda and you can enjoy it all year

    Best place to grab a cocktail and relax?

    Casa Mo

    Best place to hit before the club?

    The sunset promenade is unlike any other such place, not just in Ibiza
    but all over the world! Start at Buddah Bar, stop at Kanya, enjoy the
    crowds at Mambo and Cafe del Mar and sip a quiet beer at Savannah and
    then head down to Bar M and Itaca.

    When you get time to yourself, what do you like to do?

    “Time for myself?” What would that be? My twins make sure I am forever

    What’s your biggest Ibiza ‘moment’ so far?

    Birth of my girls!

    Do you have a favourite time of the year on the island?

    October and November are pretty special, as all the people you have
    barely seen during the summer relax and enjoy the down time. The weather
    and sea are ideal and long, slow BBQs are enjoyed by all!