Cream – Gareth Wyn Interview – Cream Amnesia Ibiza

    Gareth Wyn (Cream Resident)

    Essential Ibiza caught up with Cream Ibiza resident Gareth Wyn to get the
    lowdown on working for the massive clubbing brand on the world’s party

    What can we expect from Cream in Amnesia this summer?

    Another amazing summer. Cream Ibiza brings together the biggest DJs in the
    world, at the best club in the world, with the most up for it clubbers
    from all over the world. Does it get any better than that?

    What makes Amnesia a good fit for Cream?

    Two very different rooms, where Cream can reflect the variety of their
    sound. From the hands in the air intensity of the main room, through to
    the cooler, more spacious settings for the house music on the Mixmag
    terrace, it’s the perfect fit.

    Working with Cream, you’ve had the opportunity to play alongside some of
    the world’s finest spinners; who has really impressed you?

    Eric Prydz last year was incredible at Cream in Ibiza. He’s the best house
    producer in the world at the moment, bar none, and I’m delighted to be
    playing alongside him for a few shows this summer. His music is just world
    class. Laidback Luke will also smash that Mixmag terrace apart this

    Becoming an Ibiza resident is a dream of most young DJs around the world;
    what is the most satisfying aspect of your job on the island?

    I used to go to Cream at Amnesia as a punter and stand underneath the ice
    cannons in the main room, so to be DJing there now as resident is a dream
    come true. I realise what a privilege it is to work so closely with Cream,
    and make sure I never take anything I do for granted, always giving 110%.
    I love making music in my studio then going out and road testing it in

    What advice would you give to would be DJs with an ambition of moving to
    the island and plying that trade?

    Don’t move to Ibiza! Stay at home, get your own studio, and make some
    music. The Ibiza shows will come if your music is good enough. Lots of DJs
    head to Ibiza with the dream of making it out there, but the truth is, you
    make it in the UK first, then get asked out to Ibiza.

    What’s your idea of the perfect Ibiza day off?

    It’s an obvious answer, but poolside, or out to the beach. We found a
    great hotel in Ibiza Town last year that has become our new haunt. I’m not
    going to reveal the name, as I want to keep this place a secret!

    Where would you recommend if you wanted to chill out, grab some lunch on
    the beach and listen to some cool tunes?

    Cala Conte is my favourite beach in Ibiza. Amazing sand and coastline, and
    a restaurant that serves fresh fish straight out of the sea. Has a great
    vibe as well, lots of the hippy chic that Ibiza became so famous for.