Clockwork Orange – Clockwork Orange at Es Paradis

    Clockwork Orange is one of those iconic Ibiza parties that captured a
    moment in time and a generation with its amazing Ibiza parties between
    1994 and 1999 when the hottest DJs and producers on the planet were
    delighted to get the invitation to play for one of the most partisan
    crowds on the island. Clockwork Orange played a significant role in the
    evolution of the Ibiza scene, blazing the trail that is still well
    travelled today. The brand has recently announced plans for a series of
    reunion parties, one of which takes place in Ibiza at Es Paradis on
    Friday July 25. For some it will be a nostalgic stroll through their
    early Ibiza memories and for those too you to remember, it’s the perfect
    opportunity to get an idea of what made Clockwork Orange the Ibiza
    phenomenon it was.