Cafe Ol� – Book Tickets

    Cafe Ol� is one of Ibiza’s original gay friendly fiestas; the flamboyant
    night is famous for its theatre as much as its eclectic music policy.
    One of the most successful nights back in the day, it gave birth to
    Matine� and was resurrected when its baby defected to Amnesia. 2014 sees
    the popular party occupy Monday night in what promises to be its biggest
    season yet. Celebrating a decade and a half entertaining the flamboyant
    clubbers of the island, think performers, acrobats, artists and some of
    the most talented DJs dropping in to the party throughout the season.
    Cafe Ole has been a constant in Space, providing theatre on whichever
    night it found itself, for Ibiza 2014 it will be Monday and it promises
    to be another massive year!