Boogie In Wonderland – Boogie In Wonderland at Heart Ibiza

Boogie In Wonderland

Ibiza 2017 sees Boogie In Wonderland move to Saturday night in HEART
Ibiza, opening on June 10. Co-Founder Aaron Mellor said ahead of its
debut season, �We’ve really focused on Fashion and its inter-connection
with Art and Music, we’ve given that fashion angle real currency using
genuine models and super models to set the tone of the stage show.
Jonathan Sanchez, our Fashion Director on the project, works from Paris
with people like Chanel, Christian Dior & Karl Lagerfeld. This is
real fashion, with real art, all set to 70s disco / early 80s NYC
soundtrack that really works.�

It’s fair to say that Boogie In Wonderland made an instant and lasting
impact on the clubbing capital as it took Ibiza back to 1970s New York
and its infamous loft parties. Combining music, fashion and art, in one
of the island’s most technologically advanced venues, offered the tribes
something completely different and they lapped it up. It’s all set for
another series of exciting parties and expectation levels are already
rising ahead of the new look Saturday night residency. This is a busy
one so make sure you get your booking in advance.