Avicii – Avicii at Ushuaia

    Avicii has taken the dance world by storm, his tracks are anthems that
    fill the memory stick of many of the high profile performers and the
    list for his remix services is as long as it is distinguished. He is
    basically the cat that got the cream! His amazing rise to superstardom
    is not fluke, however, his ear for a melody and an ability to build
    dramatic breakdowns has seen his music occupy dancefloors all over the
    world as well as a few high profile commercial campaigns. Go anywhere in
    the world and stick the TV on and there’s more than a good chance that
    you will hear an Avicii tune promoting the latest must-have consumer
    item. He has managed this success cleverly and is now one of the biggest
    attractions on the international circuit, as he gets set to return to
    Sunday in Ushuaia after another impressive season, there are sure to be
    more than a few memorable moments in the outdoor arena overlooking Playa
    den, Bossa.