60 seconds on Ibiza with Roger Sanchez

60 seconds on Ibiza with Roger Sanchez

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What’s your favourite eating spot?
Trattoria Del Mar in Marina Botafoch

Favourite part of the island?
Sa Caleta is one of my favourite parts of the island, it’s a beautiful
place, with the cliffs and the caves down by the water.

The perfect day off on the island?
Spending time with the family by the water is really cool.

Favourite beach to chill and catch some sun?
Tropicana is really cool and there’s stuff for the family to do there too.

What was the last album you downloaded to your i-pod/mp3

Sade for chilling out, she can get a little bit depressing sometimes but
it’s beautiful music and I love her voice and I’m still a huge Jay Z fan.

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