Virtual Pacha

Pacha Ibiza and Sony PlayStation have announced a collaboration that brings ‘Virtual Pacha Nightclub’ to the Sony PlayStation Home Network. Until the end of September you will be able to enter a virtual world that is Pacha nightclub in Ibiza.

Lips Reartes Ibiza 2014

Playa d’en Bossa beach is no stranger to first class beach concepts, the long stretch of beach has become the focal point of many of the beach clubs and restaurants that have opened on the island in recent years, resulting in favourable comparisons with Miami’s South Beach.

Flower Power Pacha 2015

Flower Power, the longest serving residency in the Ibiza super club, returns to Tuesday night on June 2 until September 22 for 17 weeks of nostalgic magic. From the golden sixties up to date, Flower Power offers a genuine break from the four-four beat that normally fills the famous club.

Take A Trip To HEART Ibiza’s Acid Sundays

Sunday in Ibiza is one of the most popular and eventful nights of the week. This is the day when so many DJ heavyweights are hosting their parties in big discos and beach clubs, causing a serious rivalry between themselves and a major problem of choice for their devotees

Flying Fish Ibiza

Flying Pig Ibiza has been a roaring success since it launched, bringing a real Ibiza experience to parties all over the island, while making it a painless and affordable luxury.

Pacha Ibiza Winter

Pacha is one of the world’s biggest club brands and Pacha Ibiza is the benchmark for the numerous venues around the world. During the summer it plays host to the likes of David Guetta, Pete Tong and Luciano, providing the platform for some of the finest parties on the clubbing capital.

Hooked On DJing

When I found out that Peter Hook was in Ibiza and happy to talk to us a million potential questions started flooding through my mind; this is a guy who co-founded Joy Division, New Order, The Hacienda, the list goes on, suffice to say a massive influence in pop culture and music from the ‘80s to date

Sons Of Warhol Ready For Ibiza

Paul ‘Dizzi’ Saunders is the man behind the massive Urban In Ibiza event, heading to Ibiza July/ August for the fifth installment and he will openly tell you that the success of the event itself has taken him by surprise.