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Autumn. It’s here. Well, in an Ibiza Autumn kind of way. The clocks have gone back, the mornings are lighter, the evenings are darker and despite sunbathers on the beach and mid 20C lunch time temperatures, the autumn leaves are falling and it really is autumn. And how awesome is autumn?

Get In Touch With Your Senses

Touch. One of the five senses. Arguably the sense we take most for granted. Touch is not only a sense, but along with food and shelter, it is a basic human necessity. Without it, we do no exist. It is unfortunate that our society has become increasingly guarded due to the overload of negative touch, but the benefits of positive touch to health, and healing, are unparalleled: touch can relax, comfort and reassure. Physically touching can relieve pain as it increases the amount of immune cells in the body. Emotionally, and mentally, it can relieve stress and anxiety, reduce depression as well as having positive and uplifting affects on behaviour and moods.

The Mystery Of Weight Management

Tim and Leon Gold know a thing or two about keeping fit, maintaining a good fitness regime, nutrition and pretty much everything else that comes with living a healthy, balanced life. The TimGold Fitness concept that brought them to Ibiza has become one of the most popular personal training services on the island, with clients from all over the island dropping into their villa gym for a session. Having experienced their techniques previously, the Essential team listens whenever they offer any kind of training or eating advice so when they told us they had a new system that could work out an individuals metabolism, we felt it our duty to share this information with you…

Core training with Faye Maloney | M Wellness | Ibiza Blog

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