April Assortment | Essential Wellness | Ibiza Blog

So crazy changeable April weather is upon us and the smell of summer is in the air, days are longer, energies are stronger and both tourists and summer residents are beginning to arrive on the island. Summer billboards will be up before we can blink!

Get Fit Or Die Trying

It’s been a month since we started training with Tim and Leon of Tim Gold Fitness and already we feel the difference. The variety of training as much as the personal approach with the guys is probably what has struck us the most. The training tales place at their stunning villa, where everything they need to put us through our paces is there. The one thing that has struck me about our sessions is how fast they go, the guys make it interesting and with the odd bit of banter flying back and forward throughout the workout, they are also fun.

Fighting Fit

I have to be honest, Iain is really impressing me at the moment. Seeing as Victor keeps himself in shape I expected him to be in good form for this, but as Iain probably wouldn’t be used to this type of session I was guessing there would be a casualty.