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Your Star Signs By Tamara

Monday June 25th– Sunday July 1st 2012
Long outstanding or hard to solve problems become clear, as solutions
or new possibilities suddenly appear, especially after Wednesday.
Bumpy roads become paved, smoothing our path and speeding up progress
in at least one key area of life. And there are only two rough spots;
a small price to pay for such a favorable week. Monday still carries
leftover challenging energy of the weekend, thanks to a Uranus-Pluto
square. And Friday is a day of opposition with a powerful person or
important situation; egos may get squashed in the tussle.

Aries (March 21-April 19):
You’ve been feeling bullied or blocked by an employer or other authority
figure; don’t worry, it fades fast. Independence calls and you need to
feel free. By Friday another conflict is likely, requiring balance
between home and professional demands. Professional matters and
partnerships, both personal and business have either stopped or been in
limbo for some time, but fall into place this week, particularly after
Wednesday. Expect reversals of circumstance. Since April, you’re
returning to levels of confidence and sex appeal that are normal for
you; physical energy’s increasing too. If single, try flirting with
neighbors or chatting online. You’re become an expert at marketing and
might surprise yourself with how easily certain talents come to you.
You’ve got a message to share; the question is, how to best package it.
What’s your brand?

Taurus (April 20-May20):
Though work has been hectic you’ve been able to take little breaks here
and there; there’s certainly been no shortage of social invitations.
Things are finally moving in the direction you’ve been trying to steer
them. You’ve got at least one big goal on the table; just keep at it and
you’ll see the results you want this year. Monday could present
challenges around travelling, broadcasting or publications work, or
study, so be patient. Then a contract or communications matter rears its
ugly head on Thursday/Friday and you’ll need to respond to a power grab,
possibly from or through a foreign player. Stay civil. Fortunately,
after Wednesday, you feel more yourself, with enough energy and charm to
bring home the bacon and look sexy while doing it. Romance, too, has
been simmering in the background and could soon come to a boil.

Gemini (May 21-June20):
Finances have been on your mind since last week and if you owe money,
the pressure intensifies Monday. Don’t ask for financial favours-you’re
not likely to get it. There may also be chaos with your bank or cash
flow, which should be relieved by midweek. Certain payments finally
arrive too and you’ll breathe easier after Wednesday. But then another
expense comes Friday, and you’ll need to act quickly, so have your money
organized. On the upside, Friday’s stars encourage success around
writing, translation, research, IT work or travel. Why not plan a
weekend away? You could certainly use the break. With Venus direct your
love life soon springs back to life; and if single and looking now
through August is a perfect time to enjoy romance. You’re very popular
so take a chance – you could meet a soulmate.

Cancer (June 21-July 22):
You’ll see many lucrative opportunities this year through or with a
strong partner, though profits won’t come right away. You’ll have to do
lots of legwork, working alone, to see results. Romantically, they will
even connect you to new singles, though wait till after Wednesday for
your first date. You’ve been involved in planning some private venture,
probably involving real estate or a new business launch. Though things
have been stalled, they start moving forward midweek and by August they
even become public. Clients or partners have been waffling and you’re
frustrated; decisions, both on your part and theirs will break the spell
of inertia this week. It’s the kind of breakthrough you’ve been counting
on. Reversals in your personal relationships are to be expected too; if
you’ve put plans on hold, like a romantic evening out, it’ll finally

Leo (July 23-August 22):
Monday brings work stress, likely publishing/broadcasting or with
foreign clients. Watch spending and don’t lose touch with your financial
situation. You don’t want to see a repeat of the early June crisis do
you? Also watch your health and manage your workload. Your
responsibilities are increasing rapidly now, especially around
communications, sales or business travel. A certain assignment stresses
you, on Friday, or a coworker confronts you. Or a deadline is too tight;
whatever it is, take a breath before defending yourself and remember you
don’t hold the power. Happily, a certain female friendship is back on
track and normal socializing resumes. And the best news – reversals or
slowdowns in career are now complete as it returns to forward motion,
possibly on a slightly different path. Whatever themes you dealt with
around May 15th make a final hiccup before ending.

Virgo (August 23-Sept 22):
A romantic relationship has been hazy for the past while, but something
now slips into place, allowing you to see more clearly what you want.
Whether you’ve decided to take a break and date others or make a
commitment to grow your love, concrete plans seem like the natural next
step. And if you’ve been single, you’re ready to jump back in the dating
pool, though avoid meetings on Thursday/Friday, when power struggles and
conflicts are likely. Money has been stressful for some time, but it
too, turns around and starts moving in the right direction, with your
most dramatic changes expected in October. This past year has really
pushed you to be all that you can be; both to realize your dreams and
make the kind of money you deserve. Expect some good career news Friday.

Libra (Sept 23-Oct 22):
Well this is it! The week you’ve been waiting for – both Saturn and
Venus are now moving direct. Love and money will start proceeding more
smoothly and you’ll feel less exhausted; like you finally have the right
systems in place. Efficiency happens naturally. You’ve felt sabotaged
since January but have come to realize that in fact you are your own
worst saboteur. Travel or foreign contacts, citizenship or legal matters
have been themes for you; something is coming to a complete or reverse.
You’re getting back in touch with your own personal power to take
action; and this confidence will make you infinitely more attractive.
Wednesday is a turning point, afterwards enjoy the return of your
charming sexy self. Plan a sensual evening with your lover and watch
sparks fly.

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21):
On Monday, you feel stressed over a contract or disagreement at work. If
you’ve been trying to negotiate something, you’ll see things move
forward after months of delay, and reach fruition early next week.
Partnerships, especially for business, are back on track too. You’ve
been trying to clean up your financial house, and you know exactly what
for; this particular goal becomes more real in July. Romance is exciting
Wednesday; so be open to blind dates. Friday and Saturday are perfect
for combining travel with adventure and in fact now till late July is
your best time all year to get away to a sandy beach or luxury villa.
Afterwards your career takes off and you’ll want to keep up. So find
some leisure on foreign soil now.

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21):
If struggling to get a creative project or business venture off the
ground, Monday could bring financial blocks around money. Don’t be
impulsive. Partnerships have been changing because you are. Hopefully
you had a chance to re-visit the past or get closure in some matter;
this will attract more positive love and affection into your life. And
you probably had at least one karmic experience this past month, where a
friend or lover from the past re-appeared; teaching you something about
how far you’ve come. Then with Venus shifting into direct motion
Wednesday, you’ll feel ready to move forward and so will your personal
and business partnerships. If married, expect a nice surprise from your
spouse, maybe a special night out? Friday would be perfect. A positive
new trend has begun; pushing you to become the best version of yourself
and as you do, you’ll attract better people.

Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19):
Tension is high Monday, especially around home or family. At the same
time, you’ve seen many revisions in a particular work or health
objective, and the buck stops with you; so it’s been hectic. If involved
in an office romance, expect a surprise. Midweek, something personally
important to you falls into place, especially around career or business.
New tasks could appear in fact, related to communication or
transportation industries and you’ve probably already been expanding or
hiring new staff. You’re in a new long-term cycle of improved work,
health or fitness opportunities. And this might just be the year you
meet long-held goals for losing weight and feeling healthier. What’s
your mental image of how you want feel and look this time next year?

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18):
On Monday, a powerful behind-the-scenes person may push your buttons,
forcing an outcome that you don’t agree to. Take some time before
reacting, and expect reversals this week. For example your romantic and
creative sector has suffered, but after Wednesday, possibilities
reappear. This has been a challenging Venus phase, dealing with old or
ongoing issues. And love takes time but if it’s worth it, you’ve
probably worked through the issues. You’ve actually begun a new
long-term cycle for happiness in love, family and creative pursuits. If
wanting to conceive, the timing is still excellent; and fertility is
high. And aside from babies you could give birth to a new business or
artistic idea, though as well, things won’t really start to move until
after midweek. Friday/Saturday are perfect for travel; plan a romantic
getaway if you can.

Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20):
With Saturn and Venus both direct, financial planning becomes easier
after this week – you’ve finally managed to get your ducks in a row.
You’re certainly much more organized than you were in February; around
taxes, records of money owed or payments from others. And by October
you’ll be where you want to be around debt and credit and managing
investments. At the same time, tensions are rising around a friendship
or social group you belong to; someone is gearing up for a powerful
confrontation next week and it may affect your finances. But for now,
travel is glowing; why not take off for the weekend? Then return,
relaxed, to your wonderful home. Happiness is cosy resting and nesting
at home. Light some candles and let romance ignite.