Your Star Signs by Tamara

    A new moon Tuesday brings a wave of fresh possibilities and
    opportunities. The energy is light yet eclectic, especially midweek,
    when love and socializing are at their quirky best. But a Uranus-Pluto
    square brings tension to the weekend, and intensifies conflict on a much
    greater global scale as well.

    Aries (March 21-April 19):
    You’re doing more travelling after Tuesday; maybe some island hopping or
    yachting on the meditterrean? And communications work is particularly
    strong all year. This is likely writing, though it could also be
    translation or sales. Words are pouring out of you like a waterfall.
    Whether single or attached, romance is stimulated by short trips, weekends
    away; even just a day out of town with new scenery. If you have a sister
    or brother, expect them to play a bigger role in your life, or to hear
    good news themselves. Wednesday brings some exciting surprise around
    romance and short trips or even an interesting night out. If single you
    could meet someone exciting. But the weekend is frustrating; your patience
    is tested again, by a boss or someone else in charge. Try and stay cool.

    Taurus (April 20-May20):
    You’re still figuring out the best way to earn or manage your money;
    solutions will become more clear after June 27th and you might actually
    end up with two sources of income. If you lost a job earlier this year, it
    might even return this month, or something about it could morph into
    another job. And the money you earn this year is directly linked to
    whatever seeds of prosperity you planted this past year, when Jupiter was
    in your sign and providing the hope and confidence to start some new
    venture. You’ll see some new chance to make money this week, either
    through a promotion at work or new client if you’re self-employed. Don’t
    worry, financial rewards are on their way. Can you feel it? Don’t travel
    this weekend-it’ll be a headache.

    Gemini (May 21-June20):
    Tuesday’s new moon brings a big boost to your career over the next 2
    weeks. Others notice your creativity and you too are recognizing your own
    talents and potentials. Something important to your professional future is
    crystallizing now; focus on perfecting already existing goals instead of
    starting new ones. This would be a better use of the planetary energies.
    Thanks to Jupiter, planet of expansion, abundance and opportunity, others
    want to support you in any way they can. You’ve been focused on a home or
    family matter and it’s soon wrapping up. This is good because you really
    need to shift your energies into other things now, especially after July
    3rd, when you’re social life starts exploding. Though midweek brings fun
    with friends; you’re very popular. Delay signing documents until after
    June 27th.

    Cancer (June 21-July 22):
    Consider the mind-body connection. Is there any heath issue, physical or
    psychological that holds you back? This week brings another chance to
    address it. Talking to friend will make you aware of bad habits you no
    longer see. Career continues to throw surprises at you, so make sure
    you’re functioning at top form. Midweek brings an inspiring idea around
    career. The hard work you’ve done is starting to pay off; just keep
    trusting that you’re on the right path. But burning the candle at both
    ends means you’d love a little downtime and privacy. While you’re at it,
    check in with your doctor or dentist; isn’t it time? As you spend more
    time alone, you realize how intuitive you are. Follow your instincts. The
    weekend brings tension or struggle in career with a partner or client.

    Leo (July 23-August 22.):
    This week’s new moon highlights the power of friendships in your life.
    Kick back and relax. You’re meeting lots of new people and some of them
    could actually become friends. Due to an explosion of social invitations,
    romantic possibilities present themselves, though wait after June 27th to
    take them seriously. With Venus backwards, protect your reputation and
    although career is not moving forward as fast as you’d like, at least it’s
    moving. Are you making at least steady progress? Believe it or not, you
    might also have the chance to do volunteer work or get involved in
    politics or your community in some way. If you’ve been frustrated at
    efforts to get healthy or fit, it’ll become noticeably easier next week;
    you’ve reached a certain level and progress will speed up. Watch cash

    Virgo (August 23-Sept 22):
    A new moon this week creates momentum in your career-exciting changes are
    everywhere. You could see a promotion or wonderful new position, depending
    on your industry. It probably involves writing, lecturing, sales or
    marketing or public relationship. Or you could be involved with social
    media or telecommunications, as a software designer. You’re just in a
    beautiful phase professionally, and midweek you could hear unexpectedly
    happy news about money from previous efforts. Maybe someone from your past
    remembers you and becomes a client. With Mars still in your sign, you’re
    still in control, especially in key one-to-one partnerships. You’ve been
    re-thinking a creative or love matter these past couple months, and things
    seem more clear next week. In fact you may be toying with the idea of a
    creative collaboration, blending romance with an artistic dream.

    Libra (Sept 23-Oct 22):
    Now is a great time for travel. If you can’t get away, take a
    mind-expanding journey. You’re hungry for ideas, so give your brain
    something to chew on; why not take a course or attend some workshops? Or
    get lost in a good book; a new age one; it’ll help you make sense of a
    difficult 2 year period. Fresh possibilities become apparent this week
    around study, publishing, broadcasting, or foreign people and places.
    You’re a natural at marketing and promotions and even teaching is calling
    you. Midweek brings good financial news. You’ve been trying to improve the
    way you live, particularly around home or property, but have felt blocked.
    You’ll see slow progress in a renovation or sale, for example until after
    June 27th, when everything seems to turn around, including your personal

    Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21):
    Expect to see new beginnings and opportunities around money – specifically
    large one-time sums that you earn through business deals, or see through
    settlements, royalties, commissions, loans or selling big ticket items. It
    may relate to an artistic or entrepreneurial venture; in fact this week
    would be perfect for funding or loan applications. Midweek could bring an
    unexpected work project or contract, with nice compensation. And later
    this week the travel bug starts biting and if you have the chance to get
    on a plane, take it. It might even be work that takes you to a foreign
    land. Alternatively you could use this energy to study something you’ve
    always felt connect to. Money is under control for the moment so you’re in
    the mood to ask the bigger questions. Next week, things get unstuck.

    Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21):
    Eclipses in your sign mean that a whole new chapter is opening up to new
    one-to-one relationships, both personal and business. You’re sparkling and
    this attracts positive people to you. People you collaborate with, whether
    personal or business, carry a lot of weight lately and you’ve had to
    patient. But it’s worth it because they’re helping you towards your goals.
    In fact, you’ve spent the last month improving cooperation and reconciling
    one particular relationship. Romance and creativity could still intertwine
    to create magic. This week you’ll have the chance to start something new
    in a partnership that uses your artistic talents; you’re building a future
    together. With Venus still backwards in your relationship sector though,
    certain details still need to be ironed out before you can move ahead.
    Don’t sign contracts until at least June 27th.

    Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19):
    This week brings new beginnings in fitness or health. Knowing you, you’ve
    already set your fitness goals for the year and if you actually begin
    programs this week you’ll have a good chance of reaching them. So hire
    that sexy trainer at the gym and get started. Visit your doctor and
    dentist too because next week you’ll be much busier and back on track with
    work and personal relationships. But hold off on getting serious about
    love until after June 27th. You’re really too focused on work anyway and
    your agenda is full. Professional matters have been bumpy and you’ve taken
    responsibility for it. Midweek brings the chance to work at home or you
    get a fresh work assignment related to property matters. But the weekend
    could be stressful with a property manager, landlord or family member.

    Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18):
    By now you should have completed any goals around family or property.
    Maybe you found the perfect apartment or new piece of furniture-even the
    right colour for your walls. Family bonding was inevitable and you have
    much to be grateful for. Your love life has been on hold, or maybe you’ve
    slowed things down a little to re-assess things; it should sort itself out
    after June 27th. After a period of drought, the sands are indeed shifting
    and you’re at the right point emotionally to open your heart to love. This
    week brings new social and romantic opportunities to the surface, and
    keeps your sex life bouncing. If it’s what you hope for, getting pregnant
    will be easier too. And if you’re already attached, watch your love bloom
    and blossom beautifully.

    Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20):
    Real estate, home or family concerns are really big now. With Venus
    retrograde this past while, there have been slowdowns in a property
    matter, probably because some settlement has been delayed. Expect news
    about that next week. On Tuesday, a new moon in your home sector brings
    you the chance to find the right apartment, home or artistic design. It
    will reflect you perfectly and make you feel right at home. Why not have a
    dinner party to celebrate; spread the love you feel. Midweek especially
    bring unexpected solutions around money or home decorating. Maybe your
    negotiations for a new condo or villa could pay off. Happiness is spending
    peaceful time at home now; try gardening to help you meditate on life and
    its cycles.