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As we head into our Ibiza winter (which you’d be forgiven for not
recognising) and the autumn leaves start to blow in the cool breeze, we
need to remember that the (slightly) changing temperature does affect our
bodies. And our minds. To optimise health and happiness in cooler climes,
some minor amendments can make major differences.

The healthiest way to benefit from each season is to embrace it:
Surrender. Enjoy what it has to offer. Go to the beach and immerse
yourself in its tranquillity. Eat the season’s fruit and vegetables.
Observe its flora and fauna changing. Just ‘be’ for a few minutes every
day, preferably in nature. Take the opportunity to do the things you don’t
do in the summer because it’s/you’re too busy or it’s/you’re too hot.

Observe nature: it’s natural to want to hibernate – black bears do for up
to 7 months! Whilst I’m not suggesting hibernating until the opening
parties, regular bedtimes and waking times greatly benefit the body and
mind. 7-8 hours each night is optimum.

One of the most effective ways to stay healthy and happy in winter is to
get moving! Exercise. Ideally outdoors. Walking is great exercise. In
addition to staying fit, maintaining weight and staying healthy, exercise
relieves stress, releases endorphins (those natural feel good chemicals),
which gives you more energy throughout the day, promoting a more peaceful
sleep and actually decreasing appetite. If the sun is shining whilst you
exercise you get the added bonus of a natural Vitamin D fix which will
also help uplift your mood.

As always, our body, mind and spirit function better and more efficiently
when we relax. Do something that enriches your soul or something new
you’ve wanted to try. It helps keep the grey matter active. And if you
need an extra brain boost, an Indian Head Massage will promote clarity of
thought, relaxation, and overall feeling of well-being and tranquillity
all in one. Check out for more info.

Wishing you a great November and Essential Health and Happiness always

Emma PranaSol