timGold Raises The Bar In 2013 | Tim Gold Fitness | Ibiza Blog

    TimGold fitness offers Ibiza a unique training option, the personal
    training concept is unlike anything else on the island, offering a level
    of personal fitness that ensures you give yourself the very best chance
    to get in shape, whatever your training goals are. The concept has been
    hugely successful since its introduction in Ibiza and this summer sees
    it take things up a level, with the introduction of three new options,
    the 4D Pro Trainer, tailor made group training sessions and the Fitmate
    Med device measuring your basic metabolic rate, the working metabolism
    and your endurance capacity. We caught up with the guys to find out more
    about the exciting additions to the training regime…

    What new programmes have you introduced for 2013?
    Basically we have got 3 innovative new concepts for Ibiza in 2013. First
    to be mentioned is the 4DPro trainer that just has been released recently
    – a remarkable new workout approach. In the second new programme we talk
    about tailor made group fitness classes for private groups of up to 10
    people, again a concept the island has never seen before. The third one
    that we actually launched last year, but it is definitely worth a mention,
    because it holds great benefits for people. Our Fitmate Med device from
    sports medicine diagnostics is able to measure your basic metabolic rate,
    the working metabolism and your endurance capacity.

    What is the concept of the 4D Pro Bungee Trainer?
    This amazing tool combines the classic suspension trainer, which is well
    known and successfully established all over the world with a bungee rope.
    You simply link arms or legs to the straps and let yourself fall into the
    ropes. The body has to react on that impact and those occurring forces.
    From 4 basic positions you are able to build your own progress level on
    certain modifications. Great fun and hard work – but probably hard to
    imagine so I recommend to watch our video feature about it.


    What benefits does this particular training programme deliver?
    When we talk about benefits we have to mention about 3 basic skills that
    are improved. Core stability while moving, strength endurance and overall
    cardiovascular capacity. Depending on the client we adjust the training
    contents to specific needs or desires. Apart from the training benefits
    the most important thing for keeping a routine in progress is variety and
    with variety comes fun – the 4DPro delivers it a 100%.

    You have also introduced tailor made private group fitness classes, what
    do these entail?
    Well, everywhere you look on the island there are bootcamps running. They
    are quite popular but they are only provided, because no one, other than
    us, is educated and equipped to run almost every kind of imaginable class.
    Due to that and to a mobile music system, we can offer Aerobics, Body
    Shaping, Body Balance, Dance Classes, ‚Best-Ager-Fitness’, Aqua Aerobics
    and Body Combat. Those classes can be booked individually to a time and
    place to suit to you. Invite friends, share costs, have fun and create
    exciting training sessions. We just charge a trainer session independent
    from the number of participants, the smartest way we think.


    What are the advantages of training as part of a group?
    With group classes people can share the fun and motivate each other more
    than training alone. With our private group fitness you only have friends
    surrounding you, every other class on the island is open to anyone you
    also might not like. Looking forward to training with those people? I
    guess our group fitness concept is a new level of private experience for
    everyone who loves to train with friends or where personal training is not
    in the budget. Let me add one thing: We can even create a special group
    fitness with specific demand of our clients. With a little bit of extra
    fee we develop a programme even on your favorite music tracks. This is

    What is Fitmate Med?
    This cutting edge device comes from sports medicine to measure your
    personal fitness level and metabolic rate via respiration gas analysis. A
    common standard to determine the body’s cardiovascular fitness level is to
    measure the maximum oxygen uptake. That is what the Fitmate does. Our
    clients perform a 15mins treadmill or bike ergometer test where they have
    to go to their effort limit. During the session they breath through a
    mask. Our device takes heart rate and oxygen uptake and determines the
    individual fitness level and individual heart rate zones, a crucial value
    to train effectively. On the other hand it can measure your basic
    metabolic rate in about 15mins exactly. Human beings are very different,
    but when it comes to weight loss and dieting mostly the daily allowance of
    calories is just estimated. This is not professional at all and leads to
    failure and the JoJo effect. 90% of every diet approach fails, in my
    opinion due to false consultation and not considering the daily intake


    What is the biggest advantage to understanding your personal metabolic
    As I mentioned before the majority of weight loss concepts fail or have to
    be applied for a lifetime to maintain a lower weight. To our belief a diet
    that underruns the daily intake more than 500 kcal generally leads to the
    JoJo effect, because your body slows down the metabolism. Knowing your
    basic daily calorie burn allows you to adjust diet plans excactly avoiding
    a metabolic breakdown. Before we set it up we also calculate activity, job
    and stress factors. With that we provide the perfect individual weight
    loss programme with long term success. After the diet we might also
    remeasure to make sure your metabolic rate has not dropped due to the
    influence of dieting. This system is superior to every other.

    You have introduced three new concepts for this season’s training, is this
    solely because they have a fitness benefit or are you conscious of mixing
    up the training routine for your clients?
    Every new programme we introduce is tested and checked scientifically by
    ourselves. So without bringing great benefits it would not pass our
    standards. On the other hand of course a lot of training progress and
    motivation is dependent on mixing up the sessions.


    What is the biggest benefit for people thinking about joining your
    training programme?
    With us you have the biggest variety and fun in Personal training island
    wide. We provide services of a whole gym but very exclusive and private, a
    new level of high profile training on Ibiza. This is massive. Clients
    always have the choice of home service or the timGold exterior gym. Both
    hold a wide range of possibilities. From April to October we even offer
    Jacuzzi and Infrared Sauna at our gym after training. It is unique. If
    anyone thinks they owe it to themselves to try the best Personal Fitness
    offer on the island, they have to join us.