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    Time Marches On

    June 21 marks ‘official’ summer time, although like so many things in
    Ibiza, summer time here is a little different. In Ibiza we run on our
    own time and the summertime starts when the clubs open so summer time
    is well and truly already underway! Running on ‘Ibiza time’ isn’t a
    foreign concept, even to the tourists. Essentially, something magical
    happens in Ibiza, which interferes with ‘time’ on the island. Even
    though ‘time is just an illusion’, and ‘time is what you make of it’
    each of us has a different perception of the meaning of time.

    Like anything, your perception of something is what makes it real for
    you; but the essential issue here is to make the most of the time you
    have, whether it is in reference to a weekend, a fortnight, the whole
    summer season, or all year – the key is to be present. Being aware of
    the time you are in; that is not thinking about the past (how it was
    yesterday/last year/time/in the old days). Nor thinking about the future
    (only one more week/day/night/hour)… focussing on what you are doing
    now gives you total freedom to enjoy the moment you are in.

    Buddhists have been practicing this for thousands of years and is
    integrated into their way of life. Children and animals are masters at
    living in the moment as they have no concept of time, as they simply
    live by instinct and enjoy every moment, only doing what they want to
    do, when they want to do it.

    We have all experienced those ‘times’ when you feel like you are lost in
    what you are doing because you were wholly there – the activity
    captivates you and you become totally enveloped in it, not knowing
    anything else: that’s flow. People often describe this feeling when
    dancing or singing or painting or creating something. Live performances
    often capture this and are able to relay it by projecting this energy
    into the audience. Imagine if you were able to sustain this feeling at
    all times? Like with everything in life, practice makes perfect. It is
    your choice how you use your time. And also how you choose to perceive
    it. Whilst in Ibiza, remember the time is always now.

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    Wishing you a great June … and a great ‘time’ and Essential Health and
    Happiness always.
    Emma PranaSol