The Mystery Of Weight Management | Tim Gold Fitness | Ibiza Blog

Tim and Leon Gold know a thing or two about keeping fit, maintaining a
good fitness regime, nutrition and pretty much everything else that comes
with living a healthy, balanced life. The TimGold Fitness concept that
brought them to Ibiza has become one of the most popular personal training
services on the island, with clients from all over the island dropping
into their villa gym for a session. Having experienced their techniques
previously, the Essential team listens whenever they offer any kind of
training or eating advice so when they told us they had a new system that
could work out an individuals metabolism, we felt it our duty to share
this information with you…

Every one of you must admit that he or she knows loads of people who
at least tried one or more diet concepts in their life. Now, honestly
think about their success rate – the conclusion is sobering.
Statistics say that more than 90% of weight loss programmes fail long
term; that is why the diet market grows exorbitantly every year. But
is weight management such a mystery? The answer is much more simple
than you expect it to be. What if the solution to long-term weight
loss lies merely in the relationship between input and output? Sounds
too simple – well, it is and this is why.

Car vs. Body
To give an ‘easy to understand’ explanation lets think about cars and
their fuel. Cars with bigger engines usually use up more petrol that
smaller ones, even while the engine is idling. Now substitute the engine
with your muscles and the fuel with food or calories. Individuals with
more muscles burn more calories, even when they rest. Of course the body
holds several mechanisms making it rather hard to consume the fuel (fat
and glycogen storages), but this simple input-output-scheme can be applied
to anybody and everybody. Basically that means if you do not eat more
calories you won’t put on the unwanted.

How Many Calories Does My Body Burn A Day?
Have you ever reading the basic calorie uptake recommendation on food
packages? They recommend a daily consumption of 2500kcal for men and
2000kcal for women, no matter what age, weight or lifestyle. Very often
that declaration is wide of the mark. Due to the so-called ‘modern
lifestyle’ (why “modern” if we become prone to diseases and overweight)
the metabolism of the majority is much less than what is written. So
wouldn’t it be best to know your real rate?

Measuring Your Metabolism Is The Key To Success
Of course in Ibiza it does not make sense at all starting a weight loss
programme before or during the season. However, preventing yourself from
gaining might be first choice for summer. Knowing your overall allowance
makes restaurant management a lot easier. Yes, it can be measured. Our
Fitmate Medical device, which is used in sports and diet medicine,
analyses the respiration gas and within 15 minutes it tells you the truth
about your basal metabolism rate. The only thing you have to do is breathe
through a tube. The device measures the difference of oxygen between
inhaling and exhaling and while oxygen consumption is the indicator for
effort it calculates the burning rate exactly.


Our offer
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