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    “Temple of Doom”!!!!

    Well, not really, but close.

    With Iain and Jaime nice and early (Victor’s absence was noted I may add)
    and ready for action I stuck them downstairs on the Treadmill and
    Stationary Bike whilst I set up the “Temple Of Doom”

    Here @ M Wellness we have an upstairs “Studio” which holds our Power Plate
    machine and Olympic Barbell, heavier Dumbbells and my Tanita Machine, Sit
    and Reach Test and Peak Flow Meters that allows me to give full fitness
    analysis and body compositions, but when I have a client it becomes the
    perfect little Hardcore Training Zone. Especially with my beloved TRX

    As the boys plodded along in the gym I set up the following:

    1.) Bosu Ball Push ups to Mountain Climbers

    2.) Shoulder Press (10kg)

    3.) Bench Step Ups (14kg Dumbbells each hand)

    4.) Tricep Bench Dips

    5.) Bicep Hammer Curls (8kg Each hand)

    6.) TRX Low Rows

    7.) Bench Bunny Hops (Don’t be fooled by the name)

    8.) Medicine Ball Abdominal Slams (3kg Ball)


    Soon as the Team (again, minus a few) were up from the warm up its was
    full steam ahead and after a brief demonstration of each exercise Jaime
    hit the Bosu and Iain had to go along side of him for Shoulders.

    1 min was on the clock and the lads started pumping away.

    Timed passed quickly and gone was the 60 seconds and it was 30 seconds
    rest before moving onto the next exercise.

    Having trained like this for Kick Boxing I can promise you 30 seconds just
    is not enough.

    Some 12 mins later it was time for a 3 min break.

    Jaime was moaning about the lack of Sugar in his system but Iain was on
    top form. A good 15 years difference between them and it was shocking to
    see Iain pumping away in the second round of circuits whilst Jaime
    complained of being “Broke” and chanted “I’m gonna be sick” before running
    off to “wash his face with water”. Chase and Status had finally caught

    Plenty more of that to come Team, this is just the warm up.

    Nutrition plans heading their way over the weekend. Monday will come and
    this day will be forgotten, replaced with more doom, more pain and 
    more bottomless pit training ahead:)

    Don’t forget your weetabix!!!