Star Signs by Tamara

    Monday June 4th– Sunday June 10th 2012
    In the middle of eclipse “season” we are all a little more on edge. A
    lunar eclipse Monday is followed by a rare and unusual Venus occultation
    occurring June 5th – not seen again until 2117. This intensifies issues
    that we’ve been dealing with since May 5th and at least one could burst
    this week. If we weren’t sure before, what’s important to us will become
    very clear. But Neptune’s station retrograde muddles issues first; find
    your way out of confusion, chaos and emotionalism. Think before you act
    – especially before Wednesday.

    Aries (March 21-April 19)
    You’ve probably already seen opportunities opening in publishing,
    broadcasting, digital media or academia. Or travel and connections with
    foreigners. Even your in-laws or siblings are playing a larger role.
    You’re in the mood to expand your horizons and easily soaking up
    knowledge. You could even be thinking of teaching what you know, or
    mentoring a younger version of yourself. Wouldn’t that be fun! You’re also
    getting out more in your neighborhood and maybe assisting with some
    community projects. And somebody from your past, either professional or
    personal could return to discuss unfinished business. You’ve been feeling
    neglected by a partner, but don’t worry, relationships come back to life
    after June 27th. Why not focus on work; use your time productively and
    forget about how frustrated you are. Or try harder to get their attention
    – just add some fire-breathing exercises to your foreplay.

    Taurus (April 20-May20)
    Interesting new developments have arisen in your love life, no doubt
    related to the increasing charm and confidence you’ve demonstrated this
    past year. Go ahead-be as flirtatious as you like but don’t make promises.
    You’ve also been re-assessing certain existing relationships to determine
    how they help or hinder your personal goals. Perhaps you’re thinking
    you’ve misjudged someone or that you moved too fast. Don’t worry-a little
    distance can’t hurt, and if romantic, you’ll just be seen as more
    mysterious or intriguing. Meanwhile, you could find creative ways to spice
    things up when your relationship is back on track. This current set of
    eclipses marks the beginning of a 6-12 month period of outstanding new
    sources of income. And with Planet Jupiter still in your sign this last
    week, don’t close the door on any offers-you never know what they could

    Gemini (May 21-June20)
    Circumstances are heating up in a home or property matter, pushing you to
    act with purpose and urgency. It should be clear by now that you need to
    distance yourself from a particular person. Confrontations and “moments of
    truth” are due now with eclipses in your sign. You’re also likely to
    change your appearance in some noticeable way to reflect the changes that
    are going on inside. For example you could lose weight or change your hair
    style or colour. Or transform your wardrobe or presentation style. Now is
    your best phase all year, when energy is high and your charm yields easy
    results, no matter what you do. You’re more popular than ever, calm and
    confident. If single and looking, love is attracted to you; just be your
    sparkling self. And like a plane on the launch pad, if you’ve prepared,
    this is your year for take-off.

    Cancer (June 21-July 22)
    An interesting work or roommate matter could intensify this week; stay
    alert yet calm. Someone’s behind-the-scenes maneuvering could help save
    the day; especially around money. You’ve met so many new people this past
    year, and many of them have remained interesting acquaintances. But a few
    have turned into supportive friends; sources of guidance and strength.
    They’ve brought you golden and lucky opportunities to help materialize
    your goals and push you forward in ways you couldn’t do alone. Home,
    family or property matters continue to be frustrating, though you’re
    getting used to it by now. What’s different is that you’ve found new ways
    to approach problems, relying more on your intuition and unconventional or
    creative ideas that come out of nowhere, especially before June 27th. Keep
    romance discreet and behind the scenes – just the way you like it.

    Leo (July 23-August 22.)
    Let your wild mane of hair down, Leo, and enjoy your friends; the ones you
    neglected when professional priorities took precedence in May. This latest
    set of eclipses opens a long-term chapter of socializing with old friends
    and networking with new ones. And some of these new contacts could bring
    the chance for romance, or at least some interesting new introductions,
    especially this week. Though the groundwork’s been set, keep building on
    career goals, and expect all delays to lift by end of June; when you’ll
    feel incredibly proud of what you’ve accomplished. It’s been a wild yet
    interesting ride, and you’ve enjoyed benefits in career that you haven’t
    seen in years. Midweek could bring confusion around finances, especially
    those connected to a partner, bank or insurance company. Debt, too, could
    rear its ugly head.

    Virgo (August 23-Sept 22)
    Virgo, you’ve been a real warrior, blessed with courage and determination.
    Others have come to see you as a leader; a sexy one. Maybe you’re
    travelling in a foreign country or doing international business,
    especially involving publishing or broadcasting of your message. These
    areas, as well as education or metaphysics, have been lucky for you this
    past year. If travelling is not an option, you could hear good news around
    a publicity project, or academic results if you’re a student. You’re still
    in high demand professionally and definitely on an upswing. In fact
    midweek could bring opportunities via a friend or partner you reconnect
    with. You could finally start to see the kind of recognition in career for
    which you’ve worked so hard. Thanks to Monday’s eclipse, you’ll soon have
    chance to settle a home or family-related matter; maybe it’s time for a

    Libra (Sept 23-Oct 22)
    Thanks to Venus, both money and love have slowed right down and it’s not
    the best time to start a new business or romantic courtship; one of your
    trademark skills. If you do meet someone new, you might find the chemistry
    lacking. Use this time instead to iron out past problems in an established
    relationship, whether business or personal, as you’ve likely seen at least
    one setback. You’re seeking improvements in the way you live; particularly
    concerning home or property but now is not the time to act; things are
    moving slowly. Better opportunities come in September. For now, you’re
    re-shaping your attitudes and opinions; lectures, book signings, even
    thought-provoking movies inspire you now. Your mind is craving
    intellectual stimulation. Maybe you’ll meet this need through returning to
    school or through travel. Better get your passport ready.

    Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)
    For the past year, you’ve had the generous and lucky charm Jupiter in your
    relationship sector. This has granted you abundant opportunities to meet
    wonderful people in both your business and personal life. Maybe some of
    you even got engaged or married this past year; and or met the perfect
    agent to represent you or ideal business partner. Hopefully you made the
    most of this advantageous period as it soon leaves your sector of
    one-to-one partnerships; getting set to charge and illuminate your
    financial world. With one week left, why not celebrate its glowing
    influence with an ‘appreciation’ party. What relationship this past year
    has had a marvelous and fulfilling impact on your life? Eclipses too,
    usher in a new long-term period of re-framing and re-organizing your
    finances, such as job benefits, insurance matters or other major
    settlements. It could also help you discover a second source of income.

    Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)
    With Venus retrograde, it’s not the time to make big decisions in love,
    and if attached, you may feel ignored by your partner. In fact, you’ve
    probably noticed festering wounds or sensitivities coming to the surface;
    especially early in the week when words are spoken without thought. If
    you’re dating and hoping to see a big rock on your finger, it’s more
    likely after June 27th when issues have been dealt with. So clear the air
    with some honest discussions. And if playing the field, be alert to
    flirtations that could pop up at work; hopefully they’re not with your
    boss. This past year has been focused on health or work issues, and you’ve
    had more than your fair share of luck. Even as generous Jupiter prepares
    to leaves this sector, you could hear back news about a particular job; or
    answers and solutions to remaining health or fitness dilemmas.

    Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19)
    Opportunities for happiness, like romance and children, have been
    particularly abundant this past year; and you should by now be in a state
    of emotional bliss. You could still either meet the person of your dreams
    or if already in love, create a family. Saturn has been dropping obstacles
    and frustrations in your professional path since 2009 and you’ve certainly
    had to be flexible. But you know all these sacrifices are building a solid
    foundation that you’ll be proud of. Work has been enjoyable lately and
    there’s one project in particular that demands all your focus. It probably
    saw several setbacks recently and you’ve had to change your strategy. Or
    maybe just polish and refine the details of your plan. Despite being up to
    your eyeballs in work, this week brings awareness of a new problem; a
    conflict between home or family matters and foreign contacts or countries.
    Beware temper flare-ups.

    Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18)
    You’ve been focused on home or family matters and seen brilliant
    opportunities since April. You’ve had the chance to transform certain
    dreams into reality; for buying, selling, renovating or just decorating
    your home. Or working with or helping one of your parents. Now, turn your
    attention to love and other creative pursuits. Consider the idea of
    writing a book, screenplay or giving workshops. Or getting involved in
    television production or some innovative technology. You certainly don’t
    lack the imagination. Love has begun to sprout too, and if single, this
    current set of eclipses could push you towards the person of your dreams.
    Dating is easy and fun and you can afford to take it slow. And since your
    values are still in flux, a friendship or association with a group could
    come to an end – they just don’t fit into your life anymore.

    Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20)
    Your communication skills have become so much more sophisticated this past
    year, and you’ve found innovative ways to showcase your talents to a wider
    audience, whether clients, consumers or voters. Because you’re naturally
    artistic you may be designing, writing, directing, choreographing,
    marketing or anything else that requires imagination. Opportunities have
    been overflowing this past year around advertising or sales, or anything
    involving transportation or coordination. And you’ve made some nice profit
    too. You’ve also been accomplishing things within a partnership and
    travelling more for work. A marvelous chance to move recently came up, if
    you’ve been looking; or to buy the kind of property you dream of. Maybe a
    boat or beachfront villa? Hold off on final agreements before June 27th
    though, as Venus retrograde tends to slow down or frustrate money matters.
    For now, enjoy peaceful loving at home and if frustrated, move some
    furniture around.