Spring Has Sprung

    So it’s not officially Spring until 21st March but you’d be forgiven
    for thinking Spring has already arrived in Ibiza. The breeze blows warm
    once again, the sky glows azure blue, the distant scent of burning
    leaves from the campo meets the waft of fresh paint in the coastal air
    and the vibration for the anticipation of Summer is heightening.

    For me, Spring is a magical time everywhere, but especially so in Ibiza as
    the summer’s metamorphosis of the island begins unfolding. Nature is
    changing again; the colours brightening and the baby animals appearing
    amongst their herds and flocks. The sea, the sky, everything, and
    everyone, begin to look more alive and colourful once more. The twilight
    seems more magical than ever with colours that only nature can paint.

    Traditionally, Spring is a time to detox your home. ‘Home’ can be
    interpreted in more ways than one but THE most important home is the home
    that YOU live in. Irrespective of which house or continent you may live in
    or on, this home is always with you – your body.
    Spring cleaning, or detoxing the body, need not be a drastic step.
    Increasing awareness of what we eat, how much we imbibe (both alcohol and
    water) and how much nutritional value we gain from the food we consume,
    are all small steps to improving health awareness. Drinking more water as
    the temperature rises, eating more seasonal food (the closer to home food
    is cultivated and the less time and distance it travels, the more
    nutritional value it contains when it arrives on your plate) and spending
    more time in the sunlight, are all small, but cooperative steps to
    increasing health and happiness.

    By making gradual but continuous positive changes, health, and happiness,
    can improve dramatically. Remember ‘What we do today, right now, will have
    an accumulated effect on all our tomorrows’.

    Happy Spring … and Spring cleaning!

    Wishing you a great March and Essential Health and Happiness always

    Emma PranaSol

    PranaSol will be running a variety of workshops this Spring: the first of
    which is ‘Introduction to Animal Healing’ in April. No prior qualification
    is necessary – you do not need to be a qualified therapist or practitioner
    – all you require is the intention to heal … and a love for animals! For
    more details contact me at info@pranasol.com or check info on holistic
    workshops at www.pranasol.com