Seconds Out! Ding Ding! | MWellness Training | Ibiza Blog

    Another Great session today with the Essential Team.

    Name of the Game today, Kick Boxing and the guys were in full flow.

    15 Press ups the crime for being 15 Mins late and throughout the session
    the guys dropped to the floor for 10 more, Boxing Gloves on or not!

    Since we covered the Basic Stance and Guard in our first Boxing session
    the guys are taught the front kick. A basic move that can be used in
    either a Blocking or Attacking sense.

    Victor was showing some tight footwork and controlled Leg movements while
    Iain struggled to get his kicking leg in a attacking position. Jaime
    looked like a headless chicken with no technique at all but with a few
    adjustments and some patience they all nailed it.

    I “suited” up and took a little beating. I did warn any knocks to the baby
    making area and I would lash out through a reactive response but luckily
    everything landed on target with some close encounters.

    Next came the follow through right front kick with added push of the hips
    for force, all executed with style but maybe not grace.

    We then stepped it up, only after everyone hitting the deck and knocking
    out 10 press ups, 5 clapping press ups, 30 Seconds of Air Bike and 30
    Seconds of Mountain Climbers.

    With one on the Heavy Back smashing out Jab, Cross, Right Kick and the
    other 2 with basic pad work it wasn’t until I took the pads over that the
    sweat started to pour.

    Taking in turns, each battled out a 2 Min round throwing Left Jab or Right
    Cross, Right Kick or Left Front Kick on my command.

    Each of the Team went in strong and came out in pretty good shape. That
    makes me only push them harder for Ab’s work. Plank to push ups, Medicine
    Ball Slams, Med Ball Sit Ups, Reverse Crunches and Lower Back Superman’s
    get a few yelps of pain before light skipping to warm down.

    1hr and 20mins of intense work out!! On a scale of 1-10 I give that a 6,
    but we can’t break them yet, it’s too early into the program.

    Good work Team! Keep on pushing!

    Brian Talbot

    Personal Trainer @ M Wellness Ibiza +34 971 33 88 40