Round 2….Fight

Second session of kick boxing with Brian was underway, well not just yet.
Late again which means another 10 push ups. Soon as they were completed it
was straight into action warming the arms up. 1-2 combinations of left and
right crosses and uppercuts. 3 sets for a minute each. Last punch was
thrown and it was gloves on, hands were cut due to the big guys rings on
each hand taking a pounding on each punch. But no time for moaning
straight into the action.

1st up was learning new techniques, attacking and defensive. Started off
the left, right, right then moved on the left, right, uppercuts and kicks.
This got all the more confusing after the big man was knocking my left
shoulder out of its socket with his sledgehammer punches.

Next was the circuit that Brian had set up for us, bag work, skipping, and
ab work. 2 minuite sets on each. At this point i was on my own as Charlie
had work himself to a stand so he was relaxing to pool. Not a bad idea i
thought, but battled through it. To begin was skipper 2mins straight, well
i say straight but cant skip. Then onto the tear drop bag were we were
practicing out techniques of 1-2-3 left and right being thrown for 2mins.
My arms were coming off at this point. 2 minutes were up and we moved
round, now the heavy bag was facing me, this time practicing kicks as well
as punches, 2 minutes of this and it was up, and it was over to the mats,
sit ups and press ups. Then we finished, what a great circuit, but we
hadn’t, another time around the whole circuit Brian shouted. This was
going to be tough but Brian joined me and helped me through it showing me
really how to punch and kick a bag.

To finish up was a ab workout which consisted of planks and sit ups. After
the shouting and moaning stopped the session was over. Another great
session produced by Brian

Back tomorrow for Aqua spinning class to have the feeling of jelly legs

Bring it on!!!!