Raw Juice Episode 1

    Get Your Juice On!
    Benefits and top tips to stick it out! Plus the best documentaries to
    keep you on track! By Chloé Silverman B.H.Sc (Naturopath, Wellness

    At the last global naturopathic medicine Congress I sat among the world’s
    leading doctors of Nutritional medicine and pioneering Naturopaths. I ate
    lunch with an elder, a pioneer of the traditional benefits of cleansing.
    And a scientist who conducted the latest biochemical research on the
    benefits of intermittent fasting! The wizardry to my left concluded years
    ago, the same results as the fountain of science on my right. I was in awe
    observing this genius meeting of minds! I learnt first hand that science
    is only just catching up with what traditions that shamanic practitioners
    have always known. Fasting and juice cleansing has been around for
    centuries and it is more necessary now than ever before! There are many
    different ways to cleanse…
    1.Juicing is the most popular and the most convenient cleanse. Normally
    4-6 juices are consumed a day. Cold pressed juicing is best!
    2.Fasting is a more traditional method used in health retreats, whereby
    only water and herbs are consumed alongside colonic hydration or
    3.Intermittent fasting is also back in!! This method is when you fast
    for a period of time each week, normally one day.

    My personal favourite is an annual cleanse combining juicing, enemas and
    herbal medicine!! Check out
    www.chloesilverman.com/page/naturo-retreatsfor my retreat program.

    Why do we need to cleanse?
    The human body is an incredible machine that has the ability to heal
    itself when given the right environment. That would be one free of stress,
    pollutants and junk! We are exposed to a constant stream of pollutants
    that build up and accumulate in the body making us more susceptible to
    disease. Therefore the demands on the body to detoxify efficiently have

    mercolaTOXINS infograph

    The digestive system has an enormous job, synthesizing hundreds of enzymes
    to breakdown food particles into easy to absorb nutrients. It then has to
    eliminate waste. It takes hours of work and many biochemical processes to
    digest each meal! Fasting and juice cleansing allows the digestive system
    to relax. When this occurs, the energy that it normally takes for food to
    be churned up and broken down can be directed to other areas that need
    more attention. Energy goes into the immune system, lymph carries away
    toxins through the blood and the microvilli of the digestive tract renews.
    All bodily tissues and organs have a chance to repair and rebuild when we
    give digestion a break.

    Digestive system

    Benefits – Body M.O.T
    For many cleansing acts like an M.O.T for the body. It allows you to check
    in, fix what needs to be fixed in the shortest time possible and be on
    your way cleaner and glossier. For those with common chronic illnesses
    such as migraines, candida or arthritis, a cleanse may be the beginning of
    the healing journey to optimum health.

    Clearing Out The Emotional Junk
    Fasting is a very reflective time, not only are you physically clearing
    the toxins but you are clearing any unwanted emotions that are preventing
    you from being the very best you!! So allow yourself to reflect, let your
    mind wander and let all the emotions that need to be felt, pass with ease.
    From personal experience and clinical practice day four is usually the
    most brutal day of a cleanse. Expect a big emotional release here or a
    mighty headache!! During my first fasting cleanse 12 years ago in
    Thailand, on day 4 l sat on the beach and cried for a whole day. I was
    ready to give up and break the fast with a Margarita, the drink and the
    pizza!. Fortunately I found the strength to drag my sorry butt to a yoga
    class. The reassuring fix that I needed in order to persevere. Thankfully,
    on day 5 I woke with an abundance of energy, I went rock climbing and
    later read an entire life transforming book, which was the beginning of my
    journey into Naturopathic medicine. I was on a natural high… HELLO! This
    high remained for weeks after the cleanse and is the reason I cleanse

    Feature 2

    Liver Detoxification
    Many health benefits are proven for both intermittent weekly fasting and
    annual juice cleanses. However annual juice cleanses that last for at
    least five days have the added benefit of liver detoxification, as it
    takes a few days for the liver to enter the second stage of
    detoxification. This is where the magic happens!! Unfortunately day 4 is
    where the going gets tough and many people give up. Giving up here can be
    more detrimental to the body than not cleansing at all as it leaves toxins
    floating around the blood stream before they have a chance to be
    eliminated. This is another reason to follow a professional cleanse
    program by an expert Naturopath. Do not juice or fast if you are pregnant,
    breast feeding or have a chronic disease. Always seek the guidance of your
    doctor before cleansing.

    woman relaxing on bed

    Meet me at the London Health Show January 20 – 21 where I will be
    discussing in detail how to cleanse correctly!! This is THE event to learn
    about healthy living, straight from the experts. Register online today for
    a free pass!

    Key points to remember when juicing:
    Chill out, make no plans. Organisation is key when you are cleansing. It
    is undoubtedly easier to cleanse at a health retreat than it is at home.
    But if you’re hardcore and decide to do it at home – empty the fridge of
    any temptation and fill your diary with goodness: massages, reflexology,

    Follow a professional program, by a Naturopath or at the very least a
    Nutritional therapist. This will assure the most effective and safest
    cleanse, with support, what to expect at each stage and easy to follow
    instructions. Check out
    www.IPURIFY.com for a Naturopath
    supported juice cleanses.

    Ipurify Live Juice Clense

    Enjoy the ride, allow emotions to pass, there will be anger, sadness,
    frustration, but also the most incredible natural high and a great amount
    of energy to look forward to. Have support for the low days; massages, a
    friend to call, or pets around and some motivating documentaries (see
    below). Stay positive and persevere because you are doing something
    absolutely INCREDIBLE for your mind, body and spirit! Plan to do it
    yearly, you deserve it!! If you are able to take a break from your normal
    routine to cleanse at a health spa – lock it in annually. This is
    preventative healthcare. Unlike overindulging in too many holiday
    cocktails, you will never regret a health cleanse break!

    Check out these amazing documentaries to keep you pumped!
    Forks over Knives

    That Sugar Film

    Food Matters

    For more info on the nitty-gritty science and also the spiritual benefits
    of juicing, fasting and colonic hydration please visit…