PranaSol's Tips To Saying Goodbye To The Summer

So October has commenced and in the land of Ibiza that means the summer is
officially over …. Well, almost! The first weekend of October sees the
island swell beyond its already inflated summer size for the summer
farewell at the world famous Ibiza Closing Parties. By week end the party
people, workers and long term tourists will be returning to their
pre-party native habitats as the island slides slowly into winter as
confirmed by the island’s supermarkets opening hours!

Whether your summer’s been busy or quiet, whether you’ve worked or
holidayed, it is important to be aware of the change of season; evenings
and mornings are cooler yet the days are still very warm which can make
perfect breeding ground for viruses. Ensure you are kind to yourself by
keeping your immune system boosted (especially if it’s taken a kicking
this summer) with regular exercise, sunshine for vitamin D, and fresh
seasonal fruit and vegetables – all of which are abundantly available on
our island. Also early nights – translated as before midnight- rebalance
the levels of melatonin (the Dracula hormone) which can be inhibited
through lack of sleep or over exposure to light during night hours. The
combination of which can deplete your energy levels and feelings of
wellbeing and happiness. Make the most of the natural beauty that
overflows on our island at this time of year as the autumn colours appear
but the sky is still brilliant blue. Just look around and breathe it in
for a free dose of happiness.

A little pick me up could help, at least one of the holistic variety: A
Reflexology treatment can boost energy levels by detoxing listless livers
and refreshing rattled kidneys, not to mention expediting the re-balancing
process. With the added benefit of quietness to the mind, check out for more details. And if you already have party
withdrawal symptoms, you won’t have to wait too long, Halloween arrives
before the month ends!

Wishing you a great October and Essential Health and Happiness always
Emma PranaSol