As September slides in, we notice the island starting to cool down; the
    vibe, the temperaments, the tourists, the traffic and even the
    temperatures (although only a little). The northern hemisphere’s September
    hints that the autumn is in sight. This can be a great time to review your
    summer. It won’t be too long until people will be saying the C word again.
    But back to the now… and September.

    From a health and happiness point of view, completing goals (which are
    only dreams with dates on) are just as important to your health and
    happiness as eating the right food and taking sufficient exercise.
    Whatever your summer goals were (or are) you still have time to achieve
    them if you haven’t yet. Achievement simply means reaching your goals. The
    benefit of achievement enables you to realise that you can fulfil your
    dreams. And in turn that brings longer lasting happiness via personal
    satisfaction and fulfilment. On an emotional level, this can go a long way
    in achieving inner happiness. Emotional happiness transmutes as physical
    happiness releasing those essential endorphins, which are the substances
    that give you those natural highs, which brings the feeling of ecstasy
    without having to make a purchase.

    So what more do you want to achieve before the summer’s out?
    If you’re reading this and you’re not on the island, there’s still time to
    have a summer holiday in Ibiza! If you need any help gaining clarity to
    realise your goals, a Reiki treatment can greatly boost clarity by
    harmonising and balancing the body, mind and soul, giving you the ability
    to ‘see’ clearly again. Reiki can also be given as an energy booster if
    you just need a little help to get you over the summer finish line…
    naturally. Healthily. Happily. Check it out at Wishing
    you a great September and Essential Health and Happiness always.

    Emma PranaSol