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Peak Season

Peak season has peaked! The tourists, the traffic, the bars, the
clubs and those Essential Ibiza summer vibes… AND the heat! From a
holistic perspective, this time of year is when the fire element
dominates. Holistically speaking, at our best we are in balance –
embodying passion, warmth and satisfaction from the season. At worst,
this time of year is prime burn-out time – resulting in imbalances
physically (rashes, sweating, acne, excessive sweating, digestive
disorders and heatstroke), mentally (intensity) and emotionally
(anger). Despite the love for the summer sun and all that it brings,
here are some Essential Ibiza heat-reducing tips based on Ayurvedic
principles to stay healthy and happy, and to be cool – in more ways
than one!

Moonbathing – we sunbathe to get warm so it is only logical to moonbathe
to get cool. Moonbathing cools and cleanses. And for optimum cooling
effects, take a swim under the light of the moon. And this August, you
have double the opportunity for full moon moonbathing! ‘Cooling ‘drinks
can help enormously; think ‘tropical’. Drink coconut water for optimum
hydration and cool (not iced water) with mint and/or lime – healthy
mojito style or add cucumber slices to water for extra freshness. Fruit
like dates, berries, cherries, pears, melons and coconut are all cooling
on the system as well as raw food and especially salads. Avoid excessive
caffeine, alcohol and refined sugar however tempting it may be to boost
your energy, it will actually irritate the system and cause more heat.
Fragrances have the ability to cool too: rose, lavender, jasmine,
hibiscus, lotus and sandalwood are all cooling and refresh as both
essential oils and as teas and naturally, as flowers.

Sunscreen is essential in August temperatures and these days we have
more natural options; Neem oil has a natural SPF 35. Additionally,
coconut oil is also a natural sunscreen. It cools, nourishes and
detoxifies the skin. Gently massaging your skin can calm the nervous
system, boost vitality and the immune system, as well as cool. Coconut
oil can also help with insomnia and the fragrance automatically conjures
up holiday paradise vibe. Eyes hold extra heat in high temperatures. Be
sure to remember your sunglasses (even if you go out at night – this is
Ibiza after all). Splashing your eyes with rosewater – leaving rose
petals to float in a bowl overnight and splashed on the face and eyes
each morning – can brighten your eyes and face irrespective of how much
sleep you may (or may not) have had.

Naturally, regular exercise is important, but can be toned down to suit
temperatures – sweat-glowing rather than pouring with sweat will be
enough to release excess ‘fire and heat’ and toxins from the digestive
system. Yoga is ideal for hot temperatures as the breath work regulates
body temperature so you can continue to feel the benefits, even when you
are no longer on your mat. It goes without saying, summer fashion is
essential for August in Ibiza… but threads can still be cool whilst
they keep you cool. Natural material: linen, cotton and silk in light
blues, greens and whites help mitigate the heat. And if your spirit
needs cooling – meditate. Try the bija mantra of water, which cools fire
– chant ‘vam’ and experience the cool vibrations from within.

Wishing you a cool August and Essential Health and Happiness always.

Emma PranaSol