Paleo Nutrition

    10,000 years ago the human race made “the worst decision in its
    history” – Agriculture!

    In the time line of us, Homo Sapiens, (Latin for wise man) we were hunter
    gatherers. We chased and killed our meat and seafood, gathered our
    vegetables, fruits, seed and nuts and lived disease free for millions of
    years. It was only when we started to domesticate animals and farm crops
    we got into a bit of trouble. We got fat and we got ill, forced to choose
    between limiting population or trying to increase food production, we
    chose the latter and ended up with starvation, warfare, tyranny, obesity
    and disease.

    A biochemist and strength and conditioning coach named Robb Wolf wrote a
    book called ‘The Paleo Solution’ and it changed my life. Learning and
    studying further into the paleo lifestyle, things became clear and
    nutrition started to become a huge part of my workout programs and I now
    try and educate my clients as much as I can on this subject before any
    weights are lifted, boxing bags are hit or the treadmill is turned on.

    Nutritionists tell you what foods are good for you by looking at the
    packet, a bio chemist teamed up with an anthropologist will tell you what
    your eating, why you should eat it and what happens when that food enters
    your body. Enter a personal trainer and things will get moving a lot
    quicker. The human body is a machine that is surviving, If we feed our
    machines the wrong fuel it won’t work, it’s that simple. Milk, pasta,
    rice, bread and legumes are the things that are killing us!

    These are the things eliminated from the paleo diet with amazing effects.
    The results are astonishing through both weight loss and curing or
    preventing disease yet we would rather take choice b due to misinformation
    and the simple fact that it tastes better. The western world has an
    epidemic! We are fat and full of illness. We go to our doctors who give us
    medication, which does more harm than good, then we spend the rest of our
    lives miserable and sick. We have one opportunity in this world to be
    great yet we are all failing.

    Nutrition and daily exercise is the key to a better life, everything
    else fits into place around us. What are you waiting for?