No Holiday Resort For Animals

Whilst the island of Ibiza is a holiday paradise for everyone from
International glitterati to San An stag weekenders, it is probably best
known as the dance music capital of the world. Additionally, Ibiza is
fast becoming reborn as a healing haven, but unfortunately the island is
not always blissful for man’s best friend. Dogs, and cats, have a really
tough time here, especially in the summer.

Withholding from cataloguing the various animal diseases and sicknesses
prevalent on the island, the animals’ main struggle is often simply summer
season. Summertime is not as much fun for our furry friends as it is for
the 2 legged terrestrials. Increased traffic, absentee owners, heat
stroke, dehydration, saunas (aka being left in the car) and of course,
summer romances (where they get dumped at the end of the summer) all
threaten their wellbeing. Additionally many animals run wild: indigenous
dogs (you can often see Podencos – like the ones honoured in bronze at the
Pacha roundabout) and feral cats – whose numbers are beyond calculation.

But this tail is not a hopeless one (typo intended). There are several
organisations and people who want to help our furry Ibicenco friends (I
refer to the 4 legged variety): and you can help too – irrespective of
your age, race, nationality, sex, sexual or musical preference and
especially your residential or holiday status. Here’s how: Sa Coma is the
island ‘dog’s home’ and they would love help to walk the dogs that reside
there (cats reside there too, but the cats don’t require walking). Better
still if you can give one a forever home. Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays
0900-1100 are the dog walking times, and Thursday afternoons 1800-1930. So
if you fancy bonding with a hairy homeless one this is your opportunity.
Sa Coma is on the San Antonio carreterra/motorway opposite Hipercentro.
More info on their
website (site in Spanish
but English spoken) and their
facebook page.

Care4Cats does what it says on the tin, well title. Care4Cats has neutered
more than 10,000 cats in Ibiza since 2000. By doing this, it stops more
feral and homeless and unwanted cats being born and therefore creating
more feral and homeless and unwanted cats being born (yes, unless they are
neutered it is a never ending cycle). For more information check the

Eivissa Animal Centre is a new charity that had its first fundraiser in
April. Born out of Care4Cats presence on the island and need for a centre,
the Eivissa Animal Centre is a revolutionary new veterinary clinic and
animal centre focusing on all aspects of animal care, control and
education and it plans to raise enough money to fund an permanent animal
centre here in Ibiza. For more information check the

And if you happen upon a lost dog (or any pet) in Ibiza you can help them
find their owner by posting on Lost Dog/Perro
Perdido – in today’s age of modern technology it could not be easier –
post photo and detail.

Wishing you a great July … and let’s hope we can share and improve
Essential Health and Happiness with our Ibiza animal friends.
Emma PranaSol