No Excuses

Summer is almost finished and for most of you it’s been a blast. VIP
entrances, free flowing booze, dinning out every other night, special
‘indulgences’. But I am sure by now it’s all taking it’s toll, and it’s
all caught up with you. But let me tell you a little story. A tale of a
white haired man. A man very wise with words and motivated in his ways.

Iain Thompson (Scotlands version of Judge Jules), who’s
blogs and updates the news stories and special features that have been
plastered all over the Essential Ibiza website since it launched not so
long ago. There is no denying Iain is a hard working man, a cheeky fella
with a great outlook on life, but what sticks out more than anything is
his motivation and desire to succeed.

Iain has No Excuses when it comes to training and he has
had plenty to use.
Interviews with Carl Cox, Madness reviews at Ibiza Rocks Hotel, Ushuaia
parties to name  but a few and with all this going on Iain still
manages to get into the gym, work his butt to the bone and pushes himself
to get his eating and drinking habits right to keep on track.

While many can just about roll out bed the morning after the night before,
Iain has already bashed out, 1 min worth of push ups, 50+ reps of bosu
ball mountain climbers, endless jump squats, round after round of skipping
and pain staking static abdominal plank positions, and as you’re leaving
the house to grab a hangover cure, he is on the way back to the office!

Catching up to fitness and stripping fat for weightloss after a huge
summer session is not a way to relax after those sunny months of fun.
Essential’s Iain is one of those that can sit back and relax and maintain
his training schedule with the clarity that it was all worth it in the
summer, and that his summer, as you can see from his work on the website
still rocked!

There is 24 Hours in a day party people, all you need is 1

A mere 4% of your day!!