No Excuses Ibiza BBQ

Natural Born Griller: Making Easter Easy!

Alright then folks, between all the fancy restaurants, design fashionistas
and luxury stuff, we are here to hold up the flag for some real
down-to-earth food in the tradition of the true Mediterranean. Welcome to
the new Essentialibiza BBQ Blog powered by Flying Pig Ibiza Catering.
Yeeehhaaaw, winters finally over, everyday it gets a bit warmer, days are
longer, the sun is smiling and the next stop is called EASTER WEEKEND!
Everyone is looking for light and fresh stuff on the plate, diary
products, herbs, fruits and acid are fab these days, it’s Springtime –
yawzer! For those of you who are going to send out Easter invitations to
lovely people and as usual, the hyper critical mother-in-law (grrr) there
is always one big question mark, how on earth can I cook something easy,
cost efficient and cool without spending a fortune and ending up in a
total hopeless mess, formerly known as “my kitchen”? The natural born
griller will help you to do both the prep and the cooking, the relaxed and
easy way. The big secret of cooking a great meal with lots of people is
time structure and organization! Hogman picked a Easter Menu everyone can
do without being a wizard on the stove. So be brave and lets get it on!

Lets See What We Have – Menu
The Foreplay:
Easter aioli, fresh bread and grilled Artichokes in springtime vinaigrette
Orange ginger Carrot soup with crème fraiche and coriander.
Alto Punto:
Grilled polenta easter bunnies with fresh green asparagus and bizan lamb
chops in rosemary and garlic
Happy Endings:
Sixties style fresh strawberries in campari and mint

Alright, for those who think that this is not manageable, please now click
on your favorite restaurant website and book a table, ha! For all others,
ladies and gentlemen, please start your engines… As my old chef used to
say, “Son, the start and finish must be great – then people will forgive
you some hic-ups in the middle!” All this can be prepped 1-2 days in

All you need for a cool easter mango aioli is to buy a fresh RIPE mango,
peel and purree it, add a sprizz of ime to it and mix it with quality
local aioli – combine it with your favorite local bread – there’s your
funky combo to start with. DONE and put it in the fridge.

The Grilled Artichokes In Springtime Vinaigrette Classic
Buy one artichoke per person and clean it, cut them in half and boil them
in salt water for 10 minutes, dry them well and marinate the soft
artichokes with freshly squeezed lemon. DONE and put in the fridge!

Vinaigrette Classico (Oil and Vinegar plus herbs)
Easy peasy, a vinaigrette is three parts oil to one part vinegar – got it?
Add salt and pepper (white) and fresh, mixed and chopped herbs to it, I
love a little Dijon mustard – simply perfect! Balance with some sugar and
once again… DONE and put in the fridge!

Freestyle: Orange Ginger Carrot Soup With Crème Fraiche And Coriander
Buy fresh carrots and peel them nicely, cook them in saltwater until very
soft, then replace the water with fresh orange juice and blend the mix
very fine. Add some grated fresh ginger, sugar and a little cream to it –
DONE and put in the fridge!

ALTO PUNTO (Da Maincourse…)
Fresh green asparagus – peel the lower part or cut it off, boil it in
saltwater until nearly soft then take it out and put it in iced water to
keep the green color, dry off and store it in a box with a lid. DONE and
put in the fridge!

Grilled Polenta Easter Bunnies With Fresh Green Asparagus And Lamb
Chuletas In Rosemary & Garlic:

Mediterranean Polenta, a classic and easy to make in a few steps. Standard
recipe : 3 cups cold water to every 1 cup cornmeal polenta. Little salt
and you can add whatever you like – chopped, dried tomatoes, herbs,
spices, mushrooms etc…
Bring the water to the boil, reduce to a simmer and pour in the polenta
steadily, stirring constantly. Continue to stir until the polenta is
thickened. It should come away from sides of the pan, and be able to
support a spoon, spread the polenta onto a baking sheet lined with
parchment paperlet and stand until cold. Take rabbit shaped cutter and cut
it in shape. There are your Bunnies! DONE and put it in the fridge
(covered). Now It Gets Even Easier… Marinate your lamb chops (3 per
person) with chopped garlic, fresh Rosemary and black cracked pepper, add
a little olive oil. DONE and put it in the fridge (covered).

Desert – Sixties Style Strawberries In Campari And Mint
Get some V shaped glasses, cut the strawberries and marinate them with
campari and some dusted sugar, now make cookie crumbles and put them in
the glass first, then add plain yoghurt, your marinated strawberries,
crumbles and yogurt, until the glass is filled, keep the fresh mint for
decoration… DONE put it in the fridge (covered).

On The Day: 1 Hour Before
Fire up your grill, in the mean time put your Easter aioli and fresh bread
on the table, put your artichokes on the grill until they get a nice color
– serve warm with your vinaigrette and herbs. Heat up your soup on the
stove, before serving add your crème fraiche and chopped coriander. Heat
up your asparagus and add some butter to it. Right beside the chops grill
your easter polenta bunnies as well – that’s easy… If something gets a
little burned, call it “creole cooking” you will get away with that one
ha! If you have more than 6 guests, try the easy family style service on
platters and bowls) It’s authentic and takes the stress away from you and
after all, it looks great on the table! The whole thing doesn’t need more
than 20 – 30 minutes, depending on the amount of guests. Have somebody
open a bottle of Spanish wine for you and call the guests to the table.
Aaahh the dessert, when it’s time, pull your glasses off the fridge and
add some fresh mint and chopped nuts on top, smiling while serving!

Hope you’re having fun with an easy local Easter menu at affordable cost.
Just follow the steps and no one will get hurt. And, like always, get the
music right – click Hogmans BBQ essentials on spotify…

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