New Beginnings

    So, it’s my Birthday, and I am going to celebrate in true Ibiza style.

    No Booze, No Sugar, No High Fats and Silly Carbs and NO Partying, and it’s
    going to go on like this for 12 Weeks!


    Well, since the Essential Team started this 7 Day Detox it seemed only
    fair that if I am here to help them reach their goals, push them during
    training, motivate them in times of need and inspire them as their coach
    that I practice what scream!

    To be fair I do eat “clean” during the week, I drink only at the weekend
    and I try and lower my intake of junk. I train hard 6 days a week and take
    numerous classes in the Gym from Kick Boxing and Boxing to Circuit
    Training and Aqua Spinning.

    I have been living this way for a number of years now but I should give
    myself a real clean, a goal, a time line and a real push as well as being
    able to show others it’s easy enough done, even if we do live on this
    party island.

    The thought of a cool frosted Caña enters my mind as I type this, but you
    know what, I have had a skinful over the years, it’s time to stand up and
    be counted, to practice what I preach, to lead men in to battle, to leap
    over buildings, stand shoulder to shoulder with the heavyweights…Ok
    maybe I am getting ahead of myself, but you need ambition in life
    otherwise you just survive, and who wants to do that, right?

    As with the Essential Boys I will keep this blog going, updating the
    various training sessions, foods I eat, recipes, and noticeable changes as
    time goes on.

    I am in it for the long haul, Iain, Jamie, Charlie and Victor have been my
    inspiration to get on the boat, now it’s my time to keep us all afloat!!

    Brian Talbot

    Personal Trainer/Nutrition Advisor @ M Wellness Ibiza 971 33 8840