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    Natural Born Griller Vol 3

    Its 2014 folks – we all really made it to a brand new year! I hope
    you had a great time and a fab season, so lets welcome January with a
    new Hog Blog on Essentialibiza, powered by Flying Pig Ibiza Catering
    & the Natural born Griller – “We grill Ibiza!” Sure, it’s still
    winter on the white isle and, as you know, this is the most peaceful
    time of the year, time to invite and also be invited. If you thinking
    of having a private dinner party in January with a bunch of good
    friends, you automatically start thinking of what to cook and how to
    survive the mess afterwards, plus you remind yourself of all your good
    resolutions for 2014. One of them probably is “we definitely need to
    eat more healthy”, the other one probably being “we need to eat less”!
    Well how does this fit in Hog Blog? The natural born griller theme
    this time round is – ‘My Big Fat Fish & Seafood BBQ’, easily done
    without a heart attack. I picked for you guys the 5 ways of grilling
    fish and seafood the easy way…

    Ibiza Fish & Seafood Fiesta In Only Three Steps
    1. Wash your clams, mussels, shrimp, white fish, crab claws, lemons and
    2. Put them in a wide casserole and add your pre-cooked and cut Ibiza
    baby potatoes, pieces of fresh corn, thyme & garlic cloves and
    marine salt to it.
    3. Thirty minutes before dinner, preheat the BBQ or oven to 220 degrees
    Celsius, put your casserole in and sprinkle some white wine over it –
    that’s it, it really is that simple!
    If you are in the mood for it, you can throw together a fresh salad and
    some dips too and you have the perfect Ibiza fish and seafood fiesta!
    Make sure that you have enough napkins and finger bowls at the table.

    Lox Onboard! Fish Grilled On Wood Planks
    This is almost too easy but let me show you how this works…
    1. Marinate your fresh salmon fillets with limes & lemon, chili,
    black cracked pepper and honey. You can do this overnight, the longer
    the better….
    2. Presoaked (to avoid burning ) plank 1 fillet – sprinkle some marine
    salt over it and place it on your hot BBQ grill – close the lid and wait
    for 15 – 20 minutes.
    3. Combine this delicacy with your favorite salad(s) and some fresh
    roasted garlic bread –you’ll love this earthiness taste and flavour.

    Local Fish In An Ibiza Salt Bed
    It gets even easier! This procedure is for whole fishes such as dorade,
    loup de mer, grey mullet or sea bass etc. Here is the procedure in three
    1. Clean & wash all fish properly and cut the lemons in thin slices,
    sprinkle lemon juice inside the fish and oil (olive oil) the fish from
    the outside.
    2. Fill your wide casserole with a layer of marine salt and place your
    fish on it, add lemon slices on top of the fish and fill marine salt
    over it until all is covered.
    3. Preheat your BBQ or oven to 250 degrees Celsius and put it in for 20
    minutes – that’s about it! If you pre-cook those red baby potatoes you
    can served them with olive oil and rosemary along with a fantastic green
    salad and home made dressing with local herbs.

    Alright people, these are my favorites for a hassle free fish and
    seafood party at home. Keep the old northern saying in mind “fish always
    needs a good swim” – meaning make sure you have enough wine, beer and
    water in the party house and don’t forget to get the right tunes on,
    here’s a few suggestions from us…


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